Ghost Hunt 07-09

January 15, 2007

With great power comes great responsibility

Spoon power.

There is some heavy stuff going on at that school I’d say. Those spocky hands alone are scary enough, but the full ghost are really freaky.

Speak with the hand, the face isn't listening anymore

The pure scale of events is just to large for some few people and so Naru brings the band group of ghost hunters together again.

Let's rock

I think it would be better if they would work sometimes with less people to be able to build up their different characters better, but oh well…

And by the way, look who had to be transported by an ambulance again.

She did it again

That made me a little sad, because Masako was once again flirting a bit with Naru what in turn made Mai jealous again which is always funny to see from my point of view.


But at least Mai has now a first secret together with Naru.

She is so sweet

And can spend some “quality time” with him.

A dream in pink

Maybe Naru is not as powerful as was hinted in the last episodes. He himself claims not to be the diviner, but with his spoon bending power he shows that he still has some supernatural abilities (or at least can fake them well). And he can be pretty nice if he wants to, as his little coin trick demonstrates.

Say hello to Mr. Coin

Again it is very compelling to point out some suspects through the things that happened. I made some thoughts and here is what I came up with.

But before that:

(picture captions off)

Mai’s little fashion show:

On Sunday Mai wears a classic combination of an orange turtleneck and a simple light blue colored pleated skirt. With her black stockings ending just below her knees she is adequately braced against the cold November days.

Who said slipovers where out of style? On Monday Mai gives these more “conservative” cloth a fresh appearance through choosing her pullover and trousers in colors which fit the muster of the slipover. And these clothing surely with the fall season.

Tuesday (often a bit of a sleepy day, especially in fall and winter) Mai likes to wake up our visual senses with some bright colors, here with a thick long-sleeved shirt colored in yellow and red together with a light violet t-shirt worn beneath to make the colors shine even more. The dark green skirt gives a nice contrast to the light colors and relax our eyes again. The white socks give some nice accents to her legs.

Wednesday: To pay the beginning of December some tribute Mai wears a thick pullover with collar and a muster fitting the first winter month. On the other hand it’s never too cold to show some leg for the modern girl, and thus she wears some short dark green trousers that highlight the parts of her legs which are shown.

Mai’s motto on Thursday is “enjoy the simple things”. Hence she wears a simple light blue hoody and, what was good yesterday can’t be bad today, the trousers from Wednesday again. Just classic.

Special guests this time:

Masako Hara and John Brown. If your are connected in spirit you shouldn’t be afraid of showing so through the choice of your clothing. Remember, couple-dressers aren’t as square as most people think of them.

And now:

The first suspect: Chiaki Kasai

Well, she is the one everybody suspects to be the culprit, because she claimed to be able to bend spoons with her willpower, the first victim spoke low of her and she cursed some teachers after they still denied her powers.

Furthermore she behaves very strangely and the attack on Naru occured after she got to know that he might be a diviner and could thus be of danger for her evil plans.

On the other hand she seems to possess marginal powers at best which are in addition fluctuating. With that it is rather impossible to pull off something big like what is happening at this school. She might be faking her incompetence, but she seems not to. And why should she curse the desk her first victim sat by when she could have cursed her directly? Further more she looks like she wants to tell the ghost hunters something, but is always too afraid to do so. And it all would be rather pointless if she is the culprit after all. I’m with Mai and the voice in her head here.

The second suspect: Kei Ubusuna

Good people are always suspicious, but Kei is a special case, and not only because of her uncommon name. I think for getting these curses worked on a special person one needs the name of this person. Kei shows large interest in the names of the ghost hunters. First Naru’s

and then Mai’s, after hearing that she somehow “feels” that Chiaki isn’t the culprit.

She never asks for Masako’s name, but she knows of it.

She could have got it from the same source as Chiaki. Beside the attack one Masako doesn’t have to be of supernatural origin.

Furthermore Kei is very knowledgeable of ESP and PK powers and, as Naru said, it takes much study to master this way of cursing which happens here.

The question is why she should do such things. I don’t know, maybe she tries to cover a curse she made on one of the teachers with the curses she planted in the Chiaki’s classroom and the club rooms. Or she has some kind of grudge against Chiaki. Altogether she is my primary suspect, but for the fun of it, here is a third suspect.

The third suspect: Yuuko Takahashi

Yuuko isn’t really suspicious at first, but while I was collecting the evidences against Chiaki and Kei I noticed that all the hints the hunters get are given by Yuuko. She tells them about Chiaki for the first time,

she gives them the names of the ones that insulted Chiaki and therefore ended up cursed

and she tells them about Kei’s knowledge about the supernatural, where about she knows because she asked her on this matter before.

Why does she is interested in stuff like this? Maybe she is trying to curse people herself. She also got to know the names of the hunters that where attacked, they where introduced to her by Houshou.

Again there is the question why she is doing this. She herself asked Houshou to investigate what is happening at the school. Maybe she does it only because of her fandom for Houshou, after all while inspecting this case he has to be near by her.

But on the other hand he is not that big of a star, so it seems to be a bit of an overkill to do something like that. Another possibility could be that she tries to blame Chiaki for the things she does, maybe because the wants to harm Chiaki directly, maybe she wants to harm somebody else and Chiaki has to take the guilt.

Very interesting indeed, hopefully the next episode will hold some answers.

One comment

  1. I read the first 2 manga volumes, but never got to see the show or read any other volumes! Oh, and I think Houshou is right in saying Naru is good-looking! XD Lol. Anyway, it seems the culprit really is Kei. But that’s the thing! It practically screams Kei! It’s almost too obvious. Okay, now I’ll step off my soap box. Can’t wait to see more!

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