Kanon 15

January 12, 2007

Those where the days

Hope sole remain’d within, nor took her flight,
Beneath the vessel’s verge conceal’d from light.

What a great ending for the Mai & Sayuri arc. In the first half a last time all stops are pulled out to show fighting Mai in all her glory.

Cry 'Havoc', and let slip the dogs of war!

Along the way is still some time for more mystery

The demons within

and some romantic atmosphere


altogether with a Spike Spiegel memorial scene.

I regret nothing!

It’s a bit sad that after all Mai still can’t fully accept Yuuichi’s help and tries to fight the last demon alone, but I guess it’s not that easy for her to give up the “lonely wolf” behavior after so many years.

This looks so sad

The second half is dedicated to the solution of the mystery about Mai & the demons and, like all the problems in Kanon, it reaches back to her childhood. From the first version of Kanon I already knew that Mai is the little bunny-eared girl from Yuuichi’s flashback

And what a cute one she is

and that, of course, little Yuuichi is the friend she had in the past, who literally stumble across Mai.

Shouldn't little Mai react at least in some way when someone seats on her?

Also I knew that they played in the cornfield and that Mai, after Yuuichi’s departure, always hoped for him to return and tried to protect their playground against the “demons” which wanted to destroy it and would therefore take away her chance to meet her friend again.

Die, demon, die!

At the end Mai unknowingly created these demons herself and fought them every night. So far for the “old” part. It was never explained why she was actually able to create these demons in the first place or why Yuuichi was such a precious friend to her (after all, he couldn’t be that special that she wasn’t able to make any new friends after him) . Now it all can be explained with the knowledge of the special powers which Mai possess. It was touching to watch little Mai suffer together with her mother, who was slowly decreasing on some unknown illness. With her powers she was able to heal her mother, but for the cost of her social life, because her power made her some kind of “freak”. Yuuichi gave her new hope, since he wasn’t afraid of her and even praised her for what she can do. With his disappearance she lost this hope again and finally became the “lonely wolf” Mai of the present. Only Sayuri could (with much effort) establish some kind of friendship to her.


I just can’t comprehend why Mai tries to commit suicide at the end. Finally her friend from the past has came back and she can stop fighting the demons at last. I think she does it because of the pain and suffering she caused to her friends by the demons she, in the end, created herself. But nobody died nor even got seriously injured and both Sayuri and Yuuichi showed more than once that they love and care for her and thus understand her and don’t even need to forgive anything. In the contrary, she would cause much suffer for both of them by killing herself. So she should be able to forgive herself, especially because she never intended to do any harm. But, oh well, people are complicated.

Luckily this time everything ends well.


And I’ll have to say, Hope is always a good thing, but it seldom looks this cute.

Next episode: Say hello to the Shiori & Kaori arc.


  1. This was quite an amazing episode. Lots of action, and deep feelings were used in this episode.
    I was dissapointed with 2 things. 1. The school was not destroyed in the end. It would be AWSOME to see the students faces when they see some parts of the school completely in shambles.
    2. Mai was revived. I kind of find it cheap when someone dies, but find some odd way they come back to life. If she successfully commited suicide, then they should have left it as-is. if they wanted to to commit suicide, but still be alive, they should have done what they did in the last episode. Yuuichi could have saved her from doing it, or stop her from doing serious injury, and she’ll end up in the hospital with Saiyuri. Something, anything with a bit more emotion in the end.

  2. Yeah, I think there was still some damage left on the school but not as much as was shown, that’s really a pity. And Mai’s resurrection was important I think because this way she could heal herself (come clear with her own powers). By the way, in the first version of Kanon her suicide was stopped by Sayuri in the last second.

  3. I Love Mai Kawasumi, she is strong girl.

  4. This was a great episode probably my favourite!
    I feel kind of cheated that Mai didn’t die but if they hadn’t revived her it would have probably have changed the whole swing of the plot – I know Sayuri isn’tseem much in he rest of it but she probably would be in so much emotional pain and although he didn’t feel that bad after Makoto’s death two old(new) friends might be too much. I don’t think destroying the school would have been that good because although you have the initial shock of the students it would be hard to continue the plot without the school so that path is rather shallow.

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