January 8, 2007

Could you repeat that one more time?

I find most the random stuff they do in Negima!? really appealing, but I think they are overdoing it way too much. The sheer mass they use of it distracts from following an already pretty confusing plot with such a high number of different characters (some of them more important than others, granted). I’ve much previous knowledge because I watched the first series and read most of the manga, so I can distinguish the characters quite well already, but I still get confused often. After all, Negima!? is pretty entertaining, but sometimes less is more I think.

Oh, and I really like the ED from episode 4 onwards.


  1. I just got into watching Negima myself. So far, I’m liking it. But it take so long for my local video store to get the rest of the episodes. Do you know where I can find a place to see the rest of the episode? Thanks. 🙂

  2. Try animesuki.com or baka-updates.com, these sites could be of help.

  3. iluv negima..!!!
    eSpeciaLLy the book..s0ooo cool!!!
    i waNt m0re of it..

  4. it’s great negima!

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