Kanon 14

January 6, 2007

And the plushy is still creepy

She’s on her way from happiness to misery today.

A very interesting episode indeed, because in the original version Mai’s & Sayuri’s past wasn’t featured nearly as much as this time. Mai’s past was told about only briefly and Sayuri’s past and her suicide attempt was never even mentioned.

Luckily she did it wrong

By the way, I already suspected something like this from the flashback in the last episode. At the beginning Sayuri was rubbing her left wrist in a suspicious way, but because of my knowledge of the original version I was unsure. Sayuri’s past is a very sad one and I wonder in what kind of household she grew up. It’s clearly something wrong when a boy doesn’t speaks a word till this age. I think it’s pretty clear that her father couldn’t express his feelings toward his children, but this can’t be the sole reason for the problems her brother had. Maybe the mixture of a weak body and his social environment was just too much for him.

Mai’s part of this episode was interesting as well. It’s nice that she not only fully accepts Yuuichi’s effort to help her in her fight now, but also tries to train him so that he can really be of help.

Way too cute

Her breakdown at the time she found Sayuri attacked by the demons was implemented impressively. In the original version the episode ended with the unconscious Sayuri shown, leaving it unclear if she is dead or not. A pretty neat cliffhanger.

Uh..., happy birthday, Mai...

It seems that this time it was more important to show Mai’s full reaction while the viewer was “still in the mood”. I think this way her going berserk could be caught much better than if it would have been shown at the begin of the next episode.

Angel of death

Seeing her melt into tears was very touching especially because she seems to be so much in control of her emotions the rest of the time. Her voice also sounded surprisingly different, but I think her “normal” voice could have never fit to this scene.

Other comments:

Ayu doesn't now yet what unspeakable horror waits for her

This was inevitable of course. The music from “Psycho” would have fit to this scene pretty well I believe.

Kawaii!! >_<

Just couldn’t resist putting this together.

Lunch for one

This one is just too cute to not be shown.

Déjà vu

After some time school surely somehow looks the same each day, but this is a bit too similar.

Sayuri has some good taste in music

The third time Yuuichi is in this cafe and the third time Kanon in D is played. I won’t complain, but wonder now how the cafe is called. “Cafe Kanon”?


Might this be a picture of the happy past of some other siblings in the series?


Next time will be payback time.

Come and get some!

The demons should better prepare themself rather well.


  1. It’s good to know that they’re following the game more closely now. That first anime adaption really sucked.

  2. I don’t think that the first version was that bad, but they gave away much drama by cutting the Mai & Sayuri story this short (don’t know yet what else they left out). On the other hand they had only 13 episodes to cover all arcs that time, so they had to make some (bad) compromise.

  3. I really liked this one as well. I never saw the first running of the original 13 episodes in 2002 as I only had a fleeting interest in anime and what was shown on Adult Swim. This is the first time seeing any of this but I feel that they did the right thing to include Mai’s reaction in this one. If they would have put it in the next episode as you said happened in the original, it would of been entirely confusing and out of place. Mai is one of the more interesting characters for me in this series and I don’t know what the future holds but I’ll be sure to keep on watching.

  4. I’m assured that you won’t regret it.

  5. I really liked the part where Mai beats Yuuichi’s butt (literally) with her training sword. I was dying with laughter. This anime can get very serious and emotional, but still leaves room for some comedy. Mai’s scene, and the scene where Yuiichi stops Mai from taking her own life really had me on the edge of my seat. I really am looking forward to the next episode.

  6. Yeah, they do mix comedy and drama pretty well without spoiling on through the other. I like that, too.

  7. were can i watch episode 14

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