Yoake mae yori ruriiro na – Crescent Love 11 & 12

January 5, 2007

That gotta hurt

Tossing the maid one last time.

Well, the best I can say about this ending is maybe that it fit the rest of the series. The animation quality is at least average for the main characters. This seems to have burned up all the remaining budget, because the rest is drawn as stereotypical as simple.

Why these guys again? Thay suck so badly...

The coup d’état Jürgen starts has to be one of the lousiest ones I’ve ever seen. Even his subordinates are pathetic enough to be tricked by a maid who’s only real ability seems to be that she is good at cleaning.

Mia the ninja maid

It’s only consequent that he is stopped after about a minute after he started from the (deus ex machina no.1) all mighty bunny commandos under Karens order.

Here comes the cavalry

Whereat those girls seems to be more chosen for their looks than their competence, because at the time Jürgen pushes one of them away, grasps the handgun of another one and takes aim at the princess

Shot the reporter guy! Shot the reporter guy!

not one of them gets the idea of just shooting him in the head (or other body parts if that one would be to bloody for this anime, which features by the way a great war between Earth and Moon with millions and billions of dead). At the point when Tetsuya faded away I thought for a split second that they would at least pull off some kind of decent ending, but deus ex machina no.2 taught me better.

Do they have to compensate for something?

At the time Tetsuya’s father appeared I wouldn’t have been surprised if both dead moms would jump out of nowhere, too, while shouting something like “We were not dead, just sleeping.”


The moral punchline was also very swallow as far as I understand. “If we are just nice n’ stuff toward each other, there will be no war.” Don’t get me wrong, I like that idea, but it just doesn’t work that way in reality. There was never a real conflict of interests between Earth and Moon, they seemed to liked each other from the start and had no real reason to go to war again. No hard feelings left, no decent person who expressed any criticism against the other side, just one blond racist wannabe-powermonger psycho who had inexplicably lots of resources at hand.

I'm not crazy! Just misunderstood!

Sadly, the only character I really liked and found some interest, Wreath/Fiacca, was nearly none-existant for the whole story. Maybe that is also the reason why she became my favorite character of the series at the first place.


So, that’s the end of Yoake mae blablabla. I would lie if I’d say that I had no fun at all watching it, but it could have been so much better. This way much potential has gone to waste. Such a bummer.

Yeah, it stinks


P.S.: Interesting sidenote: For the ending credits the cooking scene was redrawn.

Original version

Ending credits version

Maybe the first version was too bad even for the standards of this series.


  1. I would agree that this series lacked the, how you say, “oomph” of other current animes like Death Note and Kanon. I would say that this series was a nice distraction from those in that it had its moments. As for Tatsuya being resurrected, that was going a bit too far for me. I would of liked for him to remain dead and do a bit of a twist as him being remembered for all time as a hero or something but alas, this anime is a happy one and must have a happy ending. It’s something that Disney would produce it seems but it did its job and kept me entertained. The first few episodes were a testament to the humor of the series but once it got into the drama, it just wasn’t as good. I’d give it a 6.5 overall.

  2. At times Disney came to my mind, too, especially at the musical part in episode 9. And yeah, because it is a “happy” series, the happy ending was unavoidable, but even then it could have been made better in some way I think. By the way, my favorite episode is the fourth one, maybe because of the pure (and funny) randomness. The main story never catched me good enough.

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