Kanon 13

December 30, 2006

Worship me, ignoble human scum!

Featuring things that aren’t meant to be.

While the other girls get some screentime again there isn’t much new told about them, it’s more to remind that:

1. Shiori and Kaori might be sisters, might be not, but there is definitely some kind of connection between them.

My arc will be just lots of fun 'n stuff and not depressing at all, ya know. I promise!

2. Ayu is still on the search for her “lost item”. Mai by the way is a good player and doesn’t tell any spoilers for that arc.

Maybe after the next five episodes I'll  tell you more.

3. Nayuki is still very sleepy at times.

Sometimes I feel the same.

The rest of the episode is (of course) dedicated to Mai’s & Sayuri’s story. And surprisingly Jun can show some usefulness at the beginning through covering the (cheap) alibi that Yuuichi makes up for Mai. As a reward he finally gets in physical contact with a girl.

I will never wash that hand ever again.

Sayuri pours in a flashback scene of the time she met Mai and befriended with her.

Memories, of the times so far away

If my blurred memory is correct the shown scene happened in the 2002 version in the present with Shiori instead of Sayuri and she was threatened by the dog. Yuuichi, who just had tried to save Shiori himself and failed, observed that scene. Maybe the sentence he says here

Not a nice thing to say

is meant as a reverence to the old version. While I’m at Yuuichi and his training, what kind of wooden sword can do something like this?

Don't try this at home or at your school, kids!

Don’t know about Japan, but where I live the fire extinguisher have to hold some pressure inside and are therefore pretty robust. I never tried myself, but I think it is very hard if not impossible to wreck it in such a way with a wooden sword. But on the other hand, I’m talking about realism in a series which features invisible demons, fox spirits and larger-than-life anteater plushies. In any case, I surely welcome Yuuichi’s decision to help Mai fighting the demons, after all he is of some use.

Together we stand, divided we fall

What brings me to the main attraction of this episode:

Mai, first giving the pesky president of the student council the evil eye,

You are on my list now!

and then shown this time not just once, but even twice in awesome animation quality how she is

*munch* *munch*


*munch* *munch*


Oh, alongside some demons get slain for interupting her doing so.

*jump* (How high is the celling of the floor btw?)



Well, at least the second time.

*dash again*



Surely not a girl to be messing with, and that’s what the president of the student council from hell is exactly doing at the moment.

Next time it’s Mai’s birthday, hurray! Pary time! Excellent!

Or maybe not…

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