Welcome to the NHK! 24

December 27, 2006


A good ending for a good series I enjoyed watching very much.


  1. I thought that the series was really great especially the last about 8 or so episodes. The last episode made me kinda think, I just finished the last episode and i was just sitting there without moving for afew seconds like wow.

  2. It was pretty similar with me. Btw, I really liked the difference in the coloration through the last episode.

  3. this must be one of the best anime series ever made. like you i sat for a few seconds after the last episode, just thinking. and i have to say it almost made me cry a litle:)

  4. I wouldn’t go that far, but it is quite unique and pretty enjoyable.

  5. I appreciate your submission, previously it was interesting and compelling. I have found my way here through Google, I’ll go back one more time

  6. Awesome! I never got this much attached to any anime I’ve ever seen until now. I don’t have any words right now. I really wish a new season comes with more about misaki’s life and satoa getting married to her. I give 10/10!

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