Kanon 12

December 23, 2006

Dance Dance Revolution

Dance like you want to win!

Of course the highlight of this episode is the spectacular dancescene which just can’t be adequately presented through screencaps, so I won’t even try. Not only are Mai and Yuuichi greatly animated, but also the background is full of well drawn characters and at some times they use not less than four different background layers to produce the feeling of motion. I’d say that “God knows” still had a bigger impact on me, but I think it’s mainly because at that time it came without warning, while this time I was already expecting something like this to happen.

Moving backgrounds are nice to look at, but a bitch if you want to combine screenshots

Beside of these big events there are lots of small (and often unimportant) things which I like very much about Kanon. Ayu’s moving of her whole body while she is talking, Sayuri’s little empathizing reaction when Yuuichi slaps himself


Shiroi’s upside down scene (I think that’s a novelty for me in anime, but I can be wrong on this one),

Turning you upside down

Mai’s ubercute blushing scene


and the always well animated running scenes of Nayuki just to name some examples.

Nayuki's running is love

Plot-wise there are again some advancement in each girls arc, of course with the main weight on Mai & Sayuri’s one. None the less we learn some new things about Yuuichi’s and Ayu’s past,

Little Yuuichi is t3h suxx0r

even if it’s only the fact that Nayuki somehow always gets used by Yuuichi, maybe because she seems like the only girl to be without any mysterious problems.

Yuuichi just wants Nayuki's best

About Shiori we (finally) get to know from a little snitcher that she has the same family name as Kaori.

Nobody likes snitcher, even if they are cute

Now that it seems like they are sisters it’s time for a little comparison:

It's Kaori

It's Shiori

Yep, same hair color, same eye color, they really look alike (at least more than the other girls do), who could have guess?

And we also get to know another prove that Jun sucks with the ladies.


At least he is still trying, one should give him credit for this.

Next time again some more Mai, sadly without the dress again,

Dress + Sword = Hawt

but oh well, all the good things come to an end.

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