Tokimeki Memorial 09

December 19, 2006

Having fun in the sun

It’s the… beach.

Finally caught up with Tokimeki. I was kind of surprised that this series can deliver some kind of drama at such an early stage. Not enough to put a “Drama” tag on it yet, but maybe later. Sayuri made a big jump forward in terms of character deepness (well, there was practically none before) and I think (and hope) that she will be good for one or two surprises.

The beach is all about reading books

Another win of the past episodes is Inukai, I really like this guy now. Okay, forward to episode 9. It’s a beach episode and it’s a Tsukasa episode, so it’s all about


Tsukasa in a bikini. Of course all the other girls (and guys) are shown in swimsuits, too, but Tsukasa gets much more time to present herself.

Riku just wasn't fast enough

Unfortunately Riku gets distracted most of the time, especially at the encounter with Sayuri. While he is faultless at the other cases, that time he surely is at fault.

He deserved worse

Strangely enough Mina didn’t get a chance to show some flashy swimsuit, but instead she got as near to a kiss with Riku as a girl can get at this stage of the series.

Mina takes her chances

Altogether an enjoyable beach episode featuring Tsukasa against the rest of the world. At least she got some quality time with Riku again (which she lacked of badly in the past episodes) and could show that she looks good in a bikini

Miss Sunshine

and in normal clothing, too.

Tsukasa without knowing what the day will bring

But I think she should search herself a new boyfriend, this one seems already lost. Then again, what the heck, fight for your right, girl! Maybe you can do it!

Soulmates forever

And the ninja chick gets some extra credits for ending a more than disturbing scene.

Savior of the day!

You are my little hero!


  1. What anime series is this from?

  2. Try “Tokimeki Memorial”, specifically episode 09.

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