Kanon 11

December 18, 2006

Ara Ara

Featuring the real Master Carbon.

At first glance it seems like Yuuichi is “forgetting” Makoto a bit too fast and easy, but I think it’s more like that he is handling this loss though reverting back to his old behavior. And nobody really wanted to see one or more episodes of him weeping over Makoto, or did anyone? The small references to Makoto during the episode did a good job to remind us that he (and the others) didn’t forget about her nor stopped caring about her fate.

Sorted by size

And I know that this has been asked before, but just how many rooms has this mansion? How can Akiko afford to leave them all empty? Was there any use for these rooms before the freeloaders occupied them? What happened to Nayuki’s father and (supposable) Akiko’s husband? Should we care? Questions, questions and no answer.

She's just the cutest Akiko I know

Back to the episode: Next arc should be Mai’s and thus much of screentime was given to her and Sayuri, but all the other girls (even Jun and, sadly, exept Mishio) had some, too, and each story was told a bit further.

Ha, glad am I that no one knew / That ... I am styled.

All in all good entertainment (as usual). And they really know how to drop animation costs without doing much damage.

Things I have inane comments to:

Yummy! Garlic flavor!

– This just can’t be healthy, no wonder that Shiori is ill (but still very cute)

And off she goes

– Isn’t running prohibit in Japanese schools? Each time I did this at my school a teacher popped out of nowhere and scold me.

Liar! You lied!

– Isn’t Nayuki just the saddest of the sad girls in snow? And she likes her ice cream as much

Yummy! Salmon flavor!

as she likes animals.

Yummy! Feline flavor!

By the way, I really like the restaurant they are eating in. They seem to playing my favored piece of classic music all the time (like in the first episode).


– This reminded me sooo much of Asuka and Hikari.

Those are really spacious sidewalks

– Did somebody spot the error in this picture? Shouldn’t the lamp cast a shadow, too? But still, where is Waldo?

Forgot what?

– I think this would be an adequate subheading for the Kanon series.


– What happened to Akiko’s marvelous cooking? How could she made such tough meat?

Girl + Sword = Rockz

– Mai just rocks me senseless.

Next episode: The already infamous “Mai in dress” episode! Yay!

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