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December 14, 2006

Gunslinger Girl

Today it’s more or less standard to have girls with guns in anime, but at the time Gunslinger Girl aired (2003) it was not (at least as far as I remember). The only other anime I recall from that time featuring something similar is Noir. Both series have a compelling story and great soundtracks. Sadly the Gunslinger Girl anime is much to short  with it’s 13 episodes and ends at a time where much is still left to be told. The manga is great also.


  1. GG gunslinger girls. I secretly watched this back in the day when I hadn’t quite immersed myself in the anime world. I felt guilty enjoying loli’s totting guns and flirting with their male guardians or whatever. Yeah…it was fun though!

    Nice wall.

  2. Those where innocent days back then. *g*

  3. gunslinger girl is mad dope
    yu aida is hella G

  4. -__-

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