Ghost Hunt 04 & 05

December 13, 2006

A pizza would be fine, too.

Maybe there really is something about these ghost stories.

Still a very enjoyable series. Identifying the culprit of the cases may be not that hard (I’m pretty sure that Kana Morishita, second wife of Ayami’s father and thus her stepmother is somehow pulling the strings, but I’m more than happy when I’m proven wrong on this. Maybe this time it is really “only” some ghostly doing.), but it is none the less interesting to watch the ghost hunters working on solving the case. And sometimes it really gets eerie, especially the closing scenes of the episodes made me shiver.

Quiet shocking

I didn’t think that they would use all the ghost hunters introduced in the first three episodes again on this case, rather only one or two of them, but this way is fine, too.

A nice couple, aren't they?

The animation quality is still good and I like that they are not only changing the clothes of each character (major and minor) from day to day, but also reuse parts of the already shown outfits in new ones. This is a nice little “realistic” touch.

Watch the skirt

And if you like mistakes, watch the caption on the shirt.

The relationship between Mai and Kazuya is taken to the background in these two episodes. Only the second dream of Kazuya and her shock at the time Masako makes her move show Mai’s affection toward Kazuya this time.

Hold me tight

(Alternative version)

Well, maybe next time there will be again more of this (and other character interaction, which I really like in this series). On the other hand they have still a case to solve, we’ll see, we’ll see…


  1. i really love this anime. i finish watching it in two nights. i like the the realistic feeling it can provide me with. good show!!

  2. Fantastico anime!! Mi segundo preferido despues de Naruto 🙂

    Viva Ghost Hunt!!

  3. this anime is great..it made my dreams a nightmare..hehehe.it still gives me the creep..oh my.

  4. i hope there will be the sezon 2 because i love this anime, and i want that Naru and Mai to be together= love

  5. hey ho! I really reeeally love ghost hunt!
    If there’s anyone who knows something about a second sezon pleeeease let me know!!! >__<

    o/ see ya

  6. I watched it in one night^^

  7. oh mah god I loved this anime. It is by far my favorite. I’m so glad I found it. I was really disappointed when I heard there wasn’t going to be a second season because the manga ended in the same spot. It’s sad :[ but I guess it’s time to read the manga 😀


  9. Sorry, as far as I know there are only those 25 eps.

  10. i hope there will be a second season because they can’t just leave it there! i have read all the manga books and it would suck if it ened in the stop that it did!

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