Second Season alert

December 7, 2006

for Higurashi no Naku Koro ni! Just Yay! (link)


12-6-06 (4:52PM EST)—- Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Second Series

It’s that time of the month in Japan when advance copies of the big anime magazines start going out. A tidbit found in one unspecified mag confirms rumors on a portended second animation series for Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. No other details are available.


I expect nothing less than a lot of fun, cuteness, blood and winking.

Mion/Shion & Rena


  1. Actually, it’s kinda confirmed already! Log on to http://www.oyashirosama.com and you’ll find a promotional banner for the second season >w

  2. Yay! Thanks for the info, title changed accordingly.

  3. hate to break the spirit, but what would a second season be about anyway? there are only two more arcs to be animated, so it’s more like a remake than a second season

  4. Hmmm…, don’t know how many episodes this second season will be long, but if they just do 12 or 13 episodes they can use 6 episodes for one arc each. What they will be about? No idea, but I’m sure they’ll make something up. And sometimes a remake is fine, too.

  5. Well, as I said at other places, I dunno what they want to do with it but if they wanted to they have FIVE arcs they could work with (2 from the original PC series and 3 new ones from the PS2 port). There are some rumours of an anime-only story on animesuki.

  6. I dunno I got incredibly bored after episode 13 or so. I’m heard it got better but for some reason I felt like I had seen it all before already.

  7. We’ll see I think, I’m just happy that there will be more of it.

    @ Retsgip: *g*

  8. im just hoping that they continue with the pc and ps2 arcs and use the same characters and voices. if not, then i aint watching.

  9. It’s rumored that it will be more of a remake than a sequel, but I don’t know anything for sure, so I’ll just let them surprise me.

  10. Guys if they don’t make a second season I’m gonna be pissed…. >.> I really like this anime…My friend go meh into it so yeah if they don’t I’m gonna scream and…WRITE A LETTER!!! :O >.> <.<

  11. Woah, calm down, that would be way too harsh *g* and pointless by the way, because they have done a second season already that is airing at the moment.

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