Ghost Hunt 03

November 26, 2006

This was just too obvious.

Sometimes the butler did it.

Okay, that was a little easy. Kuroda was so suspicious from the start that I couldn’t believed she would be the one causing all the fuss, but every now and then the direct answer is the right one.

I’m so sorry…

Let’s see the first three episodes as warm up for what there to still to come. At least there was enough time to introduce all the characters who surely will be seen again in later episodes. I still think (or better expressed: hope) that maybe Mai was the cause for the poltergeist instead of Kuroda. Remember, she (like all the other characters) was hypnotized, too!

I’ve summon you here tonight to reveal…

Hopefully the next episodes will tell about that. Even if the solution of the mystery was a bit lame I still enjoyed this episode because of Mai. She is one of the few anime characters who knows when she is in love with someone and reacts properly:


Her behavior through the episode was entertaining and the relationship between her and Kazuya promises to become interesting. Maybe the mystery will kind of suck, but I feel that the characters will be enough for me to keep watching this series. And I like the character design, especially Mai’s. I like her being shocked,


I like her laughing,


I like her looking this way

This sucks…

I like her looking that way


and I really like her smiling.

He’s sooo handsome…

Have I already said that I like Mai? Well, I’m looking forward to the next episode. Oh, and by the way, I also like that they use a location plan that looks like an abstract painting.

It’s a Kandinsky, right?

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