Kanon 08

November 25, 2006



And so the end of the Makoto arc begins. Sadly this happens at the time Yuuichi and Makoto finally found some respect and understanding for each other and get along quiet well. Makoto might have clung a bit to much to Yuuichi this time,

I was in the neighborhood

but it is comprehensible if one knows that Yuuichi is more or less the only reason for her being.


Mishio Amano’s role as the bearer of bad news is a bit sad, too. Maybe she could have been involved in the story a bit earlier, but on the other hand there was no real reason for Yuuichi to notice her prior Mai’s comment.

By looking after another girl Yuuichi lost both of them.

I think she’ll tell her own story in one of the following episodes.

By the way, this time I noticed (maybe as the last of all the viewers) that the color of the ties the girls are wearing indicates which class they attend. Green is first class (Mishio), red is second class (Nayuki, Kaori) and green is third class (Mai, Sayuri).

Well, I’m out of text but not of screenshots I like, so here they are:

It’s magic

Just everyday school life

Who’s that girl?

Just some Nayuki

Makoto is one manga smaller than Yuuichi

That has to be the laziest cat I’ve ever seen.

Next time again a lot of Makoto, but sadly maybe for the last time.


  1. Have you seen the original? I’m curious to know when this takes place in the 2002 version.

  2. The Makoto arc is ended in the tenth episode of the 2002 version. In the two episodes before this one the Mai arc and the Shiori arc are solved. So in the original series there is (relatively) more interaction between the girls.

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