Some (late) news

November 22, 2006

Hurray for the support characters!Again I’m a bit late on this, but there are some news on this site about the new Neon Genesis Evangelion movie:


11-16-06 (9:42AM EST)—- Latest Rebuild Of Evangelion Details

The latest issue of the Japanese edition of Newtype Magazine includes many new details on Gainax’s upcoming Rebuild Of Evangelion movies:
– No longer constrained by technological limitation of 12 years ago, Director Hideaki Anno is said to be happy that he can finally recreate Eva “as he wanted it to be” in the beginning.
– Production planning on the “first part” movie is now complete and now being passed off to the drawing phase.
– Anno is now working on the script for the second movie.
– The film project will retain many members of the TV series, allowing for the full chemistry that created Eva to work again.
– The first movie will occur around the time of the events of the episode 5-6 2 part story arch of the TV series with the climax being Operation Yashima involving Shinji’s use of the positron sniper rifle. Anno says that because of technical limitations it didn’t come out entirely as he planned the first time around and he wants to do his concept of the story right this time. Shinji Higuchi (director: Sinking Of Japan) will collaborate on the Yashima segments.
New characters will begin to appear as of the second movie.
– Uniform designs will be the same as the “Kou Gekijouban” works. The Nerv and Seele logos will be changed to reflect a symbolism surrounding the garden of eden story and the tree / fruit of forbidden knowledge. The NERV logo will be changed to show a fruit with a chunk bitten out of it, the new SEELE logo will reflect the image of a fruit with a serpent (Satan) coiled around it.


Well, seems like it will feature lots of Rei and nones of Asuka. Which is good (because of Rei) and not so good (because of Asuka) at the same time. Would have liked to see some new story, but maybe this might be also alright, let’s see what Hideaki Anno will come up with. That there will be many members of the original cast involved is great, don’t know about the redesign of the logos and wonder what new characters will appear in the second movie.

On other news: Hayao Miyazaki‘s (Studio Ghibli) new movie (in cooperation with Makoto Shinkai) Byousoku 5 Centimeter promises to be a blast. Trailer Homepage

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