Kanon 07

November 18, 2006


Where the radiation helps you see at night.

Episode begins how each morning should begin, with a good and healthy breakfast.

Let’s jam

Otherwise the first half is a bit off. It’s more like working off a checklist than real interaction with the girls (beside of Makoto and Nayuki, who finally got some more screentime again), because most of the time nothing new is added, only things of the past are recapped. But don’t get me wrong, I like it this way much more than when the girls are only shown when “their” story is about to be told, could just all have been a bit more random.

Hello, we are still alive!

Kaori & Jun – checked

Welcome to Snowman’s land

Shiori – checked


Mai & Sayuri – checked

Thanks a lot!

Ayu – checked

What did I want to do again?

Mishio – che- woah, wait! It’s Mishio Amano! Well, seems like the female cast is complete now. But for today she has nothing to say and leaves as fast as she has appeared.

The second half of the episode is centred on Makoto and shows, beside the fact that she might be slim, but sometimes not slim enough,

Best hiding spot ever!

Yuuichi acting in a much nicer way toward her than he used to be. On the other hand he gets very rough on her totally uncalled for.

Not nice…

What really gave me a little shock was the scene that followed with Makoto’s gloomy speech and her dropping the cat on the street below them.

Don’t worry, they always land on their feet…

That was a very hard change of the atmosphere, likely some little peek to the things still to come and the first time I at least would have had understand if Yuuichi had slapped Makoto.

Why you!?!

But he didn’t. Maybe this is the first time he really thinks about what he is doing, maybe because of his casual slapping this might be not enough here, maybe he would have taken some guilt off from Makoto by beating her and it’s more of a punishment to leave her be only telling her that she did wrong. At least this event gave both of them much to think about.

In the end and a touching scene on the hill later

Don’t be angry with me because I dropped you to certain death.

(not to forget these two pictures) they are a little family again with a much better relation between Makoto and Yuuichi, who now have found some respect and understanding for each other (or at least I hope so).

Did anything happen?

Side notes:


– Azumanga Daioh anybody?

– Noticed how much of the girls (in the background) wear short skirts even when they are dressed casual? They really learn for life in this school they have.

– I liked the guy at the catch machine.





I wonder if he’s trying to figure something out or if he’s just stalking the girls.

Somehow I have the feeling that the next episode features lots more of Makoto, wonder why…


  1. I wonder if this change in Yuuichi is a good or bad thing…

  2. That only time will tell, but I think character development is always a good thing.

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