Yoake mae yori ruriiro na – Crescent Love 06

November 14, 2006

Feena in French mode

We’ll always have Paris.

Finally some kind of story develops! It’s seems like it would mean certain destruction for earth and moon if Feena and Tetsuya get too close. This at least believes the voice in Wreath’s head (which ironically gets more speechtime than Wreath herself). Looks like Wreath belongs to some mysterious third power with funny spacecrafts.

I want to believe

And now it is clear that Wreath has some kind of psi-power.

Red stands for stop!

That or the car was hot glowing red. By the way, she was standing on the street for quite a long time and the car didn’t even show the slightest use of breaks, Japanese drivers are sure heavy.

Beside of the voice in Wreath’s head the persons in charge of earth and moon are also worried about the consequences of a closer relationship between Feena and Tetsuya. Shouldn’t they have thought about this before they put them under the same roof, attaining the same school and working in the same restaurant? Well, whatever, I’m curious if this story will become interesting after all.

Things I’d like to comment about:

I’m not worth this lovely cup!

A nice gesture, but it’s just a cup dammit! It’s not the holy grail or something like that!

Damn, was it THAT ugly?

Why so surprised? What did he though she would use that thing for?

Two of a kind

Awwww, how sweet. I like this. It’s so romantic and disgusting at the same time.

You did THAT many episodes without me?!?

Poor Midori, I don’t see any nosepinching (nor much screentime) in her future.

Ice Ice Baby!

Don’t know how these things are handled on your little moon, missy, but here on earth (which means (Anime-)Japan) this is at least equal to a proposal.

Playtime is over!

Gave me a good laugh, although or because I exactly knew what would happen.

Take cover!

The backpack is just cruelly misplaced.

I feel so minor!

I think the support characters don’t even try anymore to get some spotlight and are now doing their own thing in other rooms of the mansion.

Your food is watching you!

The more I look at the picture on the wall the more creepy it gets, urgh…

Yo, wazzup!

Lousiest… High… Five… Ever…, but it’s Feena’s first, so it might be okay.

It works all the time

Was about time that this happens again. But I think Tetsuya is more like staring on Feena’s food, searching for things he could grab from her while she is distracted.

Well, next time the Princess’s Fiancee will show up. Will be a nice surprise I bet.


  1. If by “food” you mean her “milk” then yeah. ;p

    oh and Lol at that backpack…wtf…

  2. Anything that makes you happy. *g*

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