Ghost Hunt 02

November 12, 2006

Kazuya & Mai

Who is the hunter and who is the pray?

After the introduction of the cast in the last episode this time they begin to try to solve the mystery of the old school building. The first shot is made by miko Ayako. She blesses the building and declares it ghost-free after that.

Rin, pyou, tou, sha, kai, jin, retsu, sai, zen. Akuryou taisan!

But she gets proven to be wrong.

That’s a lot of misfortune

In this accident the principal and his substitute (?) get injured, while Ayako is unharmed. Kuroda is somehow amused about her failure.

Haha, you suck!

Through the cameras placed in the building by Kazuya and Mai they find out that a chair on the second floor moved at the time the front door “exploded”. This leads Kuroda to the conclusion that there might be a poltergeist haunting the building. Spirit channeler Masako still claims that she can’t sense any spirit present in the building, the incident at the front door was just an accident and Kuroda only imagined the attack on her (from the last episode), much to Kuroda’s irritation. But none the less Masako heads for the classroom in which the chair moved to be sure that there is no ghost.

I’ll be back

A short time and some ghostly noises later she falls off the room through a unrepaired wall.


She is injured by the fall and is brought into a hospital but still beliefs that there are no spirits present and that everything that happened where accidents.
After some exchange of opinion and insult by the remaining ghost hunters exorcist John tries his luck.

The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee.

This time the roof collapses, but he gets warned by Mai in the last second and is left unharmed.
They call it a day and everybody except Kazuya leaves the building to get some sleep. Kazuya still wants to check on something. The next day he presents the rest of the hunters his theory: There are no ghosts involved, everything what happened was because of ground subsidence. He also has some readings ready to provide this conclusion.

Behold the power of THE GRAPH

With this, he begins to pack his stuff. Case solved, work done. Only Kuroda still believes that there is a ghost because she was attacked by it. Mai is a bit sad that there are no ghosts.

Ghosts are sooo romantic and stuff…

While she talks about this suddenly the windows Kuroda stands next to explodes,

Why me?

loud knocking can be heard and the doors move on their own. Especially Kazuya is shocked by this and they all run out in panic. After they treated Kuroda’s wounds outside criticism about Kazuya’s theory, which seems to be proven wrong, gets loud. Ayako and Houshou openly show their disdain about Kazuya’s methods and want to show him now “how the big boys do things”. Kazuya is visibly hurt and leaves without talking back to them. That night it’s monk Houshou’s turn to exorcise the spirits. Meanwhile Mai has taken over Kazuya’s job.

I’ll show ya all!

She is helped by John, who doesn’t seem to think low about Kazuya, and Kuroda’s attitude toward her is gentler now. After the exorcism Houshou is pumped up with self-confidence and begins to tease Ayako a bit when some knocking is heard again. Houshou checks on it, but after finding nothing he dispatch it as some work of imagination. Ayako agrees. This makes Mai angry and she shouts at them that he has failed the same way everybody else did before and that they are behaving childish because they are using lame excuses to cover for it which Kazuya didn’t. At that time all hell breaks loose and the episode ends with some wall section collapsing on Mai.

Run, Mai, run!

Points of interest:

– Mai already seems to be falling for Kazuya. She envies Masako at the time Kazuya covers for her,

You suck!

she blushes at the time she wakes him up at Sunday morning

Morning already?


and she tries to defend his work and dignity against Ayako and Houshou.

– If there is a ghost, is it related to someone of the ghost hunter group or is it just some ghost haunting an old school building? Everybody of the group has some things which make them suspicious and some which disencumber them:

– Kazuya –

He wasn’t attacked directly by the ghost yet and might put on the whole story to discredit the “real” ghost hunters toward which he seems to hold some dislikement. On the other hand is the ghost working against him, he got wounded and he is one of the main characters of this anime.

– Kuroda –

Like Kazuya she dislikes the ghost hunters. She suffers over the lack of respect and attention toward her and could have summoned the ghost because of revenge or to make herself more important. Nobody has seen her being attacked by the ghost the first time and she hasn’t a good reputation like the other ones. And she looks suspicious most of the time.

I’m not plotting anything, no I don’t!

On the other hand, she was hurt the second time she was attacked by the ghost and she is just too suspicious to be the “evil” one.

– Ayako –

She wasn’t hurt at the time lots of sharp glass shards flow all around her. But she has no real motivation to be the source of this events.

– Houshou –

Beside Kazuya he is the only person which was not attacked by the ghost yet. But like Ayako he doesn’t have any motivation to be the cause.

– John –

He was left unharmed as the whole roof collapsed above him which is very unlikely even with Mai’s warning. He is nice to everybody, which is also suspicious (what a bad world we are living in, eh?). But he lacks of a motivation, too.

– Masako –

She left the scene very early and was attacked while no one was watching. She is the only one who backed up with Kazuya through saying that there are no spirits in the building. This and her discrediting of Kuroda build up some extra tension in the group. She was absent each time an attack occurred and was never shown surprised. On the other hand was she the one who suffered the worst injure and also has no real motive.

– Mai –

Mai might be causing the events unknowingly. She has no reason to wish anybody harm, but most of the times something happens she is in a state of emotional agitation. At the time Masako was attacked she was envy about her being supported by Kazuya, she was worried about John when he was attacked, she was sad when Kazuya concluded that no ghosts where involved and she was very angry at the end when all hell broke loss.

– Special featured screen shot:



  1. Hey good point about Mai triggering the events. I didn’t even notice or connect that. I’m actually enjoying this anime for its suspense and “scary” factor. I’m just wondering what will happen after they “catch” this ghost. Will it change to a different town like Mushishi or will Mai hop on board and we’ll get a love story? dunno.

  2. Well, Mai is still in school, so they’ll either have to solve mysteries in this town or wait for her summer vacation to go to other locations. But first they’ll have to hunt this ghost down I think.

  3. ghost hunt
    -nice film
    -spooky film
    -wonderful film
    I want “ghost Hunt” film, diputar di TV

  4. i love ghost hunt very much ,and iwish to make another season .if there is another season i want very much to now!?

  5. Sorry, as far as I know there are only those 25 eps.

  6. ชอบเรื่องนี้มากๆ^^

    Love ghost hunt so much!!!!

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