Kanon 06

November 11, 2006

Yuuichi is such a hound dog

Where the sun sets at 5 pm.

Yuuichi’s interaction with the girls has become somewhat of a full-time job, eh?

Just some short comments:

Don’t do this at home, kidz!

– Yuuichi has some guts and good capacity of reaction to pull off such a stunt.


Do know, won’t tell!

– Don’t see any reason why Akiko doesn’t talks about what she knows about Ayu (except for not spoiling the story for the viewers). Great scene with her commenting from the kitchen by the way.



– Really can’t say Makoto didn’t saw that coming.


How mean

– Yuuichi is enjoying this way too much.

Almost evil!

WAY too much.


That does it!

– Wasting food was one step too far!



Ayu Tsukimiya

Mai Kawasumi

– Pictures above posted just because of their cuteness.

– I still wonder a bit about the ED sequence. It’s nice, but it just doesn’t fit well with the ending of the episodes, the break is just too abrupt. So much other anime series have a smoother change from episode to ED.

Next episode seems to become a bit graver, but will also cover some of this.


  1. Ayu turns from cute to hot when she takes that jacket off…

    And I think KyoAni tried to make the remake as similar to the game as possible, which is why they used the same music as well.

  2. Yep, without the jacket and the winged backback she looks much more like the age she should be.
    Is the ED music the same as the one from the game? I never played it.

  3. were can i watch the rest of the show?i love the show:)

  4. im gonna start watching it, it looks funny![ :

  5. It sure is, wish you much fun!

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