Kanon 05

November 4, 2006

All your boxes are belong to me!

So much happens while nothing happens.

It’s amazing how they can take standard anime scenarios and turn them in something fresh without even changing the outcome of it.

First example: The boy – comes – into – the – bath – with – girl – already – in – it – and – gets – thrown – various – things – at – his – head scene.



With changing the reason for the things thrown at Yuuichi from just because he entered the bath without knowing that Makoto was already in it to his comment about joining her made it all more comprehensible and funny at the same time. The pause at the beginning also helped a lot to build up “tension” so that the punch line could have much more effect. This leads to the

Second example: The boy – gets – surprised – by – girl – being – somewhere – he – didn’t – expect – her – to – be scene.


Watch these chopsticks!

Just by adding the half a minute casual talk between the begin and the end this scene becomes so much more because I began to wonder why Yuuichi doesn’t react at all to Ayu’s present. Maybe it’s not as unusual as I thought? Did I miss something from the earlier episodes? And then, bang, he is suddenly surprised. While maybe not the newest idea still very good in my opinion.

(Just a few) other things of interest:

Yuuichi in ninja mode

– Yuuichi just 0wnz Makoto so much, she literally has no chances against him.


– Sayuri seems to be kind of slow at times.

It all starts with a little snowball

– Shiori’s wish to build a snowman ten meters tall was especially funny for me because I’ve seen how something like this can end (The caption reads: Timmy had built the snowman too tall).

– Making Makoto buy some porn magazines is so evil!


But luckily she can be easily distracted by food.


– Makoto’s “Auu~” in slomo was hilarious. Mai still r0ckz.

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