Yoake mae yori ruriiro na – Crescent Love 05

November 3, 2006


Beach episode gone wrong.

Disappointing episode this time, maybe I should have done like Sayaka to enjoy it. She was drunk most of the time.


But at least the animation quality was not too bad. The content of this episode:

They all go to the beach, they all board a ship, they all get cast away on a “deserted” island because of pesky little reporter guy’s plan and after three days they realize his plan, are more or lesser mad and go home again.

The End.

Here are the girls in their swimsuits:

Mai in swimsuit mode

Karen & Sayaka in swimsuit mode
Karen & Sayaka (second view)

Natsuki in swimsuit mode

Feena & Mia in swimsuit mode
Feena & Mia

Wreath in swimsuit mode

Oh, and in between Tatsuya gets to know that he already had pinched Feena’s nose when they where children

I have your nose now!

and they had cried together because of their dead moms.

This episode almost made me cry, too!

Okay, a beach/onsen episode doesn’t have to have much of a story, naturally it’s focus lies on something else (see above). But this episode was plain boring. Every time something interesting began to happen something else (to say it directly: reporter guy) came up to interrupt it. Only exception was Tatsuya’s and Feena’s talk about the past, at that time the guy had to spoil some girl-on-girl action.

Go! Go! … uh … Girls!

Talking about Tatsuya’s and Feena’s past. A bit predictable, isn’t it? Well, it’s fine. I don’t expected much more in a harem comedy show, but shouldn’t Tatsuya been able to recognize Feena a bit earlier? She looks very similar to her past self and he had the hints: “Fee…”, a deceased mother and some kind of VIP-status. I don’t know how restricted the lunar press is, but shouldn’t he had read as much as possible about the moon and his society because he is eager to travel there one day? Thus, shouldn’t he have seen a lot of pictures of Feena? Okay, she is the moon princess, so it might be a bit hard to associate her with a crying little girl, but at least he should have had some suspicions. By the way, what would he have done to find the girl of his memories as soon as he had reached the moon? Asking some random people if they have seen a girl who had lilac hair when she was young and is named Fee-something?

Well, doesn’t matter I think. Some other interesting points of this episode:

– A reference to “Cast away” in a cast away episode

Don’t just lie there, Wilson! Help me a bit!

How neat.

– Wiseman says: “Good joke can be told twice.”

Ha…. …. .. ha…

Sadly this one wasn’t good enough.

– Wow, a not-full moon!

This will all belong me someday

– Still don’t know what Wreath job will be, but she looked kind of sad when she saw happy Tatsuya & Feena.

Sad girl with melon

To tell the truth Wreath is now the most interesting aspect of the story for me.

– They don’t have swimsuits on the moon? Okay, no natural seas, but does that mean they don’t have pools either or that they have them, but use them without swimsuits? And do they have a manga & anime production on the moon? If they do, how can they do without swimsuits?


  1. mercies pour les images

  2. uhhhhh i cant believe you would diss the creator of this amazing anime by cticizing the characters or plot. Get a life you fucker.

    • Amazing anime? U serious?

      It’s another stupid fucking harem anime with stupid sexpot characters and no plot that is a dime a dozen and exactly like everything else out there.

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