Yoake mae yori ruriiro na – Crescent Love 04

October 29, 2006

Feena the student

Back on track.

Okay, plot-wise this episode was just a mess, but luckily I don’t expect anything anymore and the animation quality got much better again, so this turned out quiet funny.

Favorite scenes of the first half:

Ah, the memories…

Hey, it’s Feena’s mom!

This is all so stupid…

Again one of Wreath’s short appearances. Is she some kind of guardian? It seemed like she revived Feena per some kind of psi-power, but if she is to protect her shouldn’t she have helped her at the time Feena jumped in the water? Well, better not think about it, she might still be of no influence to the story as well.


I just like how Feena looks like in this scene.

Bye bye!

Laughed about the waving puppy. Yeah, sometimes I’m easy to trigger.


Classic misunderstanding. To the max.

The second half was just random madness, but I loved it. Favs on this half:

Mia is a bit slow

I really appreciate that Feena and Mia don’t blink at the exact same time. It always looks creepy if they do this in anime.

Dadadadaaa ~ dadada

Hey, it’s Tatsuya’s dad (and mom)! And he is Indiana Jones! Okay, this one is a bit cheap and this won’t help if they really try to make the story a bit more serious later, but what the heck, it’s Indiana Jones!

I can stop anytime I want! Really!

Mia is crazy! Crazy for cleaning!


Very funny chibi sequence.

Feena the space marine

The whole “Feena in space marine mode” was so unexpected. At the end (of the mass destruction) I must have looked like this:


And finally:

Ha Ha!

This scene just reminded me so much of Nelson’s spiritual appearance in The Simpsons. Gave me a good laugh, too.

Special scene to mention:


Wow, Feena is really into this.

Things I missed:

– Some kind of plot

– Natsuki doing CPR on Feena…. Hey, as Tatsuya said: “It’d be all right if a girl did it on a girl, right?”

– Some nose pinching

Things I wonder about:

– Why do they have a full moon all the time in the future?

– Is there still hope for some interesting major storyline?

– Will the animation of the next episode be horrible again?

We’ll see…

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