Kanon 04

October 27, 2006

Do Japanese do this regular?

Where patting a girl’s head doesn’t end in a bloodshed.

Well, quiet enjoyable again. The pace of the episode is more piano again which I think is fine, too.

Featured this time:

– Little Ayu ensuring the leading role in little Yuuichi’s later harem.

It’s a promise!

– Lots of cuteness presented by Nayuki.

Running beautifully

– Kaori telling Yuuichi how it is.

Building up and maintaining a harem is hard work!

Ami Mizuno passing by in the background.

Make up!

Okay, maybe not, but at least the shop has some Kanon Jackets (TM) on sale.

– The meeting between Akiko and Ayu.

Don’t be so sad in the snow, little girl

– Akiko nearly spoiling one of the big mysteries.

Ara ara

– The meeting between Ayu and Mikoto.

Auu~ meets Uguu~

– Yuuichi’s room in furnished mode.

Yay! House-warming party!

– Yuuichi looking concerned.

What’s this?

– And Mai with sword in school (again)

Yay! My first large-scale picture for Kanon!

Side note:

I tried a bit of comparing the street shown in the flashback and the street in the present.

Yay! My second one!

Akiko in shopping mode

I think they are both standing on the same side of the main street and on opposite sides of the side street Ayu runs off through. Supportive points: The “ABO” writing on the building on the left/right side, the similarity of the building above Ayu and behind Akiko. Contra-supportive points: The “ABO” writing style is different in the pictures, the white building between both of them looks somewhat different.

Conclusion: Well, doesn’t matter I think, but I somehow liked the pictures.

Next time it’s finally Mai-time, yay!


  1. thanks for introducing me to kanon 2 its such a great anime. btw I think you should check out death note. Its an action anime and I noticed you dont have that many on this site. Its really good and its about shinigami sort of like bleach but not really.

  2. Glad I could be of help. I haven’t seen any episode Death Note yet, but I might give it a try in the (not so distant) future because it seems like everybody likes it. I watched the first 90 episodes of Bleach and want to catch up to the current ones someday, but all these filler episodes make it a bit hard to accomplish this plan.

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