Kanon 03

October 21, 2006


Kanon, now with more winking.

It’s nice to see that all the girls get some screentime in this episode. When episodes concentrate on one girl only it often feels a bit unnatural. Hopefully the girls don’t “go missing” after their individual mystery is solved. Well, this episode has (of course) lots of screentime for the unknown girl which was introduced last time.

Where’s the cheese?

In this scene I really like the use of different foci.

Focus on girl with no name (yet)

Focus on Yuuichi

At the same time Nayuki and Akiko get some time, too.

Akiko in plotting mode

At school there is also some Nayuki and very little Kaori & Jun,

Jun is enjoying this I think

more Shiori (by the way, her last name is Misaka),

Shiori in the snow

and a bit Sayuri & Mai screentime.

Why do they always accumulate at the stairs?

Ayu finally makes an appearance after school.

Hey, he got one of those new Ayu-backpacks!

Oh, and at the end we are shown how Mai likes to spend her night.


Apropos ending, somehow the change between episode and ED Sequence is not very well done. It was always a very sharp break in these three episodes.


– Ayu’s jump attack is cuter than girl-without-name’s one
– Ayu’s “Uguu~” is much cuter than Yuuichi’s
– Girl-without-name is much stronger if fed up
– Mai is pretty cool
– Akiko is a force to reckon with


  1. I hope the mysteries are solved closer together in terms of time…I wouldn’t like to see one story resolved like in 5 episode’s and watch her become a useless side character.

    Btw, Yuuichi’s uguu is cuter! (joking) XD

  2. That would be for the best. I especially remember that in “Air” the girls where never be seen again.

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