Karin 19-21

October 19, 2006

Chibi Vampire Anju

The Times They Are A-Changin’.

It’s Christmas time in the Karinversum and everybody is happy. While the Maaka family is celebrating already,

Bloody Mary all night long

Karin and Maki are shopping for gifts.

Chibi Santa Claus Maki?

Maki tells Karin about a scarf she knits for W-kun (complete with a “W”-Symbol) that she will present him at Christmas. Karin is pretty impressed and vows to do something similar for Kenta. Of course she is also clumsy at knitting.

0Wn3D by self

Anju gets a yummy cake as present, but while Karin enjoys eating it very much it seems to be rather untasty for Anju.

Might taste better with some blood

Might there be a deeper meaning in this? Nah.
Next day at work Kenta and Karin have to sell Christmas cakes outside of the restaurant in embarrassing costumes.

Ha Ha!

Kenta complains about the cold and comes to tell Karin about his youth in the northeast of Japan.

Home sweet home

These memories are sad enough to give Karin some high pressure. Luckily she suddenly seems to doesn’t care anymore about biting people unknown to her.

She said “Bite me!” one time too often

Must have missed something, thought she don’t want to bite anybody. Well, never mind. Meanwhile Kenta comes home greeted by his mom. She is in a good mood and has the usual bite marks at her neck.


Wait, didn’t they disappear a while ago? It appears that somehow things changed a bit while watching little Ren’s adventures. Well, details. Kenta surprises his mother by asking her to tell him something about his dad. She gladly grants his request.


At night Karin and Maki phone as usual. Maki has the plan to confession her love to W tomorrow when she gives him the knitted scarf.

And he said… and then she said… while he said…

Karin doesn’t comprehend all of this but is now powered up to finish her present. The next day at work Karin first shyly practice giving the present to Kenta


while he himself is standing right next to her staring into space (I especially liked that he returned to the exactly same expression after being spoken to).

Might the sign has some deeper meaning?

After some time (and comforting talk) she finally overcomes herself to give Kenta the present she knit for him.

This is all for you

It’s happens to be a pair of gloves. Kenta is happy and because of the cold weather he gives Karin the left glove and grasps the change to share a pocket with her.

Sharing a pocket is happiness!

Awwww… happy end. I don’t know what could possible go wrong after this.

While the whole world seems to be all lovey-dovey the scene is changed to lonely Maki preparing herself to face her beloved W-man.

And then I will say… and he will say…

Something tells me that this might not go so well. Dammit girl, he doesn’t even know your name!

Sad girl in snow

While standing there shivering not only because of the cold she is startled by her beloved one shouting nonsense (as usual) and running from left…

Here he comes…

…to right.

… there he goes.

None the less Maki is able to stop him by calling after him.


W doesn’t look very patient right now but Maki is determined to give him the present together with her confession right now. So she begins to speak while holding the present to W but is interrupted halfway by him. He asks her to forgive him

Gomen nasai!

and to “save such trivial matters for a later time.” (Ouch!) And off he runs leaving the shocked Maki all alone in the snow.

This is sad...

Maki’s heart broken at 20 minutes and 08 seconds of the 19th episode.

…so sad…

Really, this is one of the saddest moments I’ve seen in all animes. Poor lonely Maki.


By the way, W’s reason for his hurry is his grandfather, who arrived just now at the local airport. With showing the happiness of all the other people (except for Anju looking sadly out of the window) and making Maki’s fate even sadder this way the episode finally closes.

This night Anju has a dream. A dream where she bites her hypnotized sister in a … uhm… very catholic way.

The discreet use of red is nice

After waking up Anju is rather concerned about her dream. On top of that her puppet isn’t answering her “Good morning”… at first. Maybe this means with her awaking (as a vampire) her puppets become lifeless again (for whatever reason).

Enjoy the silence

To give another hint it is shown that the light of the sun seems to be rather unpleasant to her.

I wouldn’t like this either

Well, change of scene. While cleaning the restaurant, Kenta makes his move and invites Karin on a date for tomorrow.

Hey, wanna date?

Karin is more than happy and both of them don’t notice poor little Maki watching them sadly from the outside.


Later that day Karin also doesn’t notice that Anju is undergoing some changes right now and is instead happily preparing the food for her date.

I’m so lucky, oh so lucky!

Anju is watching her quiet pleased until Maki, already a little psychotic, calls Karin and asks her to meet before her date with Kenta.

Maki is getting a bit creepy

Karin is still perfect carefree, but Anju seems to be worried now. She has observed Maki with her familiar and knows that Maki might ruin Karins fresh luck. Afterwards Karin and Anju have a (very symbolic) talk about the fun they had building snowmen together in their childhood but how sad they were when those melted. In the end Karin promises Anju to build another snowman at the time of the next snowfall.


Meanwhile W has met with his grandfather V who tells him that “the fiend” is finally in the country and that it is time to hunt it down.

Payback time!

The next day Karin leaves early to go shopping before meeting Maki. She wants to buy a souvenir for Anju. Anju bids her farewell which is a bit surprising for Karin but she doesn’t worries about it. After Karin has left the house Anju herself gets ready to leave while being begged by her puppet to stop what she is going to do. It seems like Anju will do something that will leave her crying. In town Karin finds the right present for Anju, a barrette with a snowman that will never melt.

Three for the prize of two!

At the same time Maki is sitting on a bench in the park waiting for Karin.

Lonely Maki again

While waiting she begins to rip up the scarf she made because alone the sight of it pains her. Suddenly Anju appears before her. She sits down beside Maki and after short time Maki asks her if Karin was angry about the call yesterday.

The calm before the storm

Anju denies and Maki begins talking about how good of a person Karin is, always cheerful and without any subterfuge, and that it is a good thing that she finally comes clear with Kenta. But she just can’t feel happy for them for some reason (I bet the reason begins with a W). All this time she continues to rip up the scarf (which looks kind of scary). Eventually Anju interrupts her by saying that she understands and that she will make her feel better while getting intrusive.

I will make you fell all better

Finally she bites her and Anju’s puppet at home losses the rest of it’s life.


Welcome to the vampires, Anju. Karin arrives at the time Anju is finished and is shocked by the sight.

Doesn’t Maki need the blood for things like living?

While Karin wants to know why of all people Maki was her first victim Anju tells her how great it was to suck someone’s blood and that her taste in blood is jealousy. They begin to quarrel

Join the dark side, Karin!

and at the moment Anju mentions the sweet taste Kentas blood might have Karin snaps. She hits Anju with the bag containing the souvenir,


shouts at Anju that she will never bite him and that she hates her and runs off, leaving her sister (and unconscious Maki) behind. All this time Kenta is waiting at the designated rendezvous place.


Shortly after Maki awakes confused but refreshed,

I feel somehow… refreshed

Anju speaks with her (lifeless) puppet about how hard she worked and that Karin can now be with Kenta forever and finally begins to cry


and Karin sits lonely and sad on a bench at the harbor

Sunsets are sure romantic

when a SMS from Elda reaches her. Elda has learned how to turn Karin in a true vampire. One more thing to think about for Karin. As the night falls she begins to wander around aimless in town until the happy people all around her make her remember the date she has with Kenta. She dashes to where Kenta is waiting for her, but when she arrives he is nowhere to be seen.


She leaves again sadly, passing by the phone booth in which Kenta is right now trying to contact her.

Men are so impatient…

This way they accomplish to miss each other by two blinks of an eye. At the same time W & V discuss the oncoming hunt of the Sinclair bane: The Marker Family.

And then you do this… and then they will do that…

W already imagines his subsequently marriage with Karin. For the engagement ring he uses the fangs of the slain Vampires.

And they lived happily ever after…

Meanwhile in the real (anime-)world Karin gets importuned by some bad followers.

Easy little girl, we won’t bite.

But luckily W’s hunt leads him (after separation with his grandfather) directly to her. At first he kicks major butt


but soon falls for one of the oldest tricks in the book and gets beaten badly. In the end Karin saves the day through routing the thugs by nosebleed.

Nosebleeds can be handy sometimes?

Somewhere else in town V and Elda meet and after a short chat their battle begins.

There can be only one!

Alongside we get to know that V’s full name is Victor (D’oh!). While fighting all over the place they happen to meet Karin and the W-man, who has recovered passably.


As Elda teams up with Karin the W must discover that his beloved Karin is a vampire. V hands him a gun to shot her.

High noon

But, of course, W can’t do it.

It wasn’t THAT unexpected!

He instead even protects her against his grandfather. Elda and Karin make a run but get chased by V again. Elda starts fighting him to buy Karin time to get away.

Mortal Kombat

But where should she run to?

On the street to nowhere

Well, so much for the comedy. Finally Karin and Kenta are practical a couple and then everything around Karin falls apart. Maki’s part was quiet moving and while I do understand that Anju did what she did for Karin I don’t understand why it was necessary. Would be the envy of Maki really be that devastating for the relationship between Karin and Kenta? Must Karin leave her family to be able to live with Kenta? Well, maybe the last three episodes will tell about that. Or maybe not.


  1. that vampire hunter (w was it?) is such a dick…poor maki -__-

    and even by the end of the series, I never got used to Kenta’s horrible eyes…

  2. Won’t argue about these points, we share the same opinion. But I can live with Kenta’s eyes (somehow).

  3. Aww theres something wrong in the story line karin once said that their family is an atheist and they are celebrating christmas ?

  4. I think it’s fairly common to celebrate christmas even among atheists. After all, it’s all about the presents, isn’t it? *g*

  5. love the anime………..cool there are new character in episode………..

    • What new characters do you mean??

  6. bueno nunca e visto este anime pero tan solo viendo las imagenes qe tiene se qe es mui bueno oviamente me lo voi a comprar en alguna tienda de anime en el centro me encanta el anime!!

  7. `I felt sad that W. wanted to protect Karin but I don’t know if the guy that she was engaged to was W. for now I’m feeling rather curious if I should watch the show and find of what happens. Thanks for showing the little pics of the show as I’ll watch it right away.

    Taylor Kirkman

  8. I SOOOO want a Boogie doll. Dose anyone know were i could get one?

  9. anju es lo maximo, esta super linda

  10. i wonder wats going to happen between karin the new guy and the transffer student?

  11. Well, find it out.

  12. Anju is precious, the best and i felt so sad when she sacrificed her hapiness for karin.

    Anju crying is so cute and makes me feel sad.

  13. I think Anju’s goal was not to attack Maki specifically. I think the goal was to piss Karin off so much she would run away before Elda made it back and thus Karin wouldn’t become a true vampire and could stay with Kenta. Attacking Maki was just the most effective way to accomplish that goal. That was what the puppet meant by Anju crying, Anju was trying to make it so she could never see Karin again, sacrificing her own happiness in order to guarantee Karin’s.

  14. You are definitely right that this is a good motivation Anju might have had. Maybe the erase of the envy was just a nice “bonus”.

  15. I love Chibi Vampire, and I think that it is sweet, but sad that Anju-chan gave up her happiness for Karin-chan’s sake. And poor Maki-chan, trying so hard to prove her love to W. He’s an ass-hole!!!

    And I can live with Kenta-kun’s eyes. They kinda remind me of Ichigo-kun from Bleach (haha)

  16. ooooh, TheBlackCat is right!! Anju is always doing those sort of things for Karin!! She’s such a good sister!

  17. i love this series

  18. I love karin I love this seies

  19. whats the name of this anime? I wan’t to see every episode..

  20. I guess “Karin” might do the trick.

  21. good pics…I love chibi vampire…I wish you had a pic of each person sepret then all together…oh well

  22. winner is such an ass..maki diserves better =[


  23. I had no idea it was a anime i just thought it was a manga damn i have been missing out.

  24. hey

  25. wow so now anju gets it not to mess with her big sis…..she gets what she got what came to her!

  26. lol just to let u guys know i am temari XD keekeekee


  28. I don’t understand why anju had that dream and does anju love her sister more than in a sisterly way?

    • The way she came on Maki at the park when she bit her….maybeee

  29. is there a sequel?

  30. 1 I love Anju and I mean love love.2 will there be a sequel to Karin

    • U can have Anju but Maki is mine.

  31. A mi ma encanto Karin,,,tanto que dibuje a toda su familia ,desde su abuela Elda hasta su hermano Ren,,,pero a mi me encanta Elda
    ¡¡¡ELDA ES LA MEJOR!!!

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