Ghost Hunt

October 16, 2006

Ghost Hunt

You best start believing in ghost stories, Miss Tamiyama. You’re in one!

Mai Tamiyama

Mai Tamiyama likes telling ghost stories with her friends. One night at school they get surprised by the mysterious Kazuya Shibuya, a good looking teenager with strangely cold eyes.

Kazuya Shibuya

Next day Mai accidentally breaks a expensive vase camera of Kazuya. At the same incident his assistant gets injured and so Mai has to fill up his role. It turns out, that Kazuya hunts ghosts with modern technology like infrared and high-speed cameras.

Don’t break that, too!

He was hired by the school principal to research on strange rumours about the old school building. Shortly after more ghost hunters appear, each using their own methods.


Kuroda, wanna-be psychic and constantly pissed

Ayako Matsuzaki & Houshou Takigawa

Ayako Matsuzaki, Miko, and Houshou Takigawa, (Ex-)Monk

John Brown

John Brown, Australian Exorcist with an accent

Masako Hara

Masako Hara, famous spirit channeler

Time will tell who’ll have the right abilities to hunt down the ghost(s) (and if there actually any ghosts).

The first episode of this anime was quite good. The animation quality is good, character design is appealing and the interaction between the characters is interesting because of the mistrust and rudeness between them. And I really liked the stylish intro and their use of split screens.

So stylish

This series has some good potential, I’m curious if it will prevail.


  1. i want to learn a japanese exorcism….

    i dont know why?

    but can you help me how to study japanese exorcism?

    thank you…..

  2. oppssssss.

    i forgot
    i like also watching ghost hunt…

    and i like to read and watch horror…

    plz help me…


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