Kanon 02

October 14, 2006

Looks just too cute to be painful

It’s only Kanon, but I like it.

The second episode was like the first just great. Lots of eye candy, fun, the Ayu special not just one,

Yuuichi tries his best… and fails

but two times,

Somehow sad, but still very funny

a bit foreshading and the introduction of the girl without a name (okay, her name is Makoto),

Come on, Make My Day!

who hits and kicks like a girl.

Other things notable:

– Jun is such a loser this time, can’t remember if he was like this the first time


– This time it is properly explained why Akiko is so easy-going. She is constantly high on drugs.

Puff The Magic Dragon

This stuff is heavy, it even makes you see clocks which don’t work


and weren’t there at the first place.

Yuuichi doesn’t know yet what a mistake he just had made

By the way, isn’t Akiko a bit creepy?

– Time is relative. The scene of Yuuichi waking up till he bursts into Nayuki’s room is shown in approx. half a minute without any real gaps. In animetime about 10 minutes elapsed.



Okay, maybe Yuuichi stands the noise for some time before acting, maybe his clock runs late. But hey, maybe not.

– It took both of them more than an hour from waking up till eating breakfast (if you can trust the Yuuichi’s non-working clock drug fantasies).

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