Tokimeki Memorial

October 13, 2006

The boys wanna fight

Tokimeki Memorial

but the girls are happy to dance all night.

Riku Aoba transfers to the school of madness. School motto: “Freedom”.
Here he finds mad teachers, boys who would kill just for the e-mail address of popular girls,

Uh, guys?

kemonomini accessories worn in class as reward for good grades, a student council where all members have antenna hair,

This is eerie somehow

a (real) chicken with mad fighting skillz and, most important, lots of ubercute girls.

Mina, Sayuri and Tsukasa

Major love interests

The blue one looks a bit.. uh.. blue

Minor love interests

Somewhere might also be a story hidden, time will tell. But it might mostly be about cute girls


in cute poses


looking cute


while being taught by at least on non-mad but instead cute teacher.

Haruka Wakatake sensei

I hope that the random silliness will cool down over the time because this is more than I can bear for long time. Especially most of the male characters might become very annoying I’m afraid. Hopefully I’ll be proven wrong on this and the girls will do more than just shake their (cute) heads about the perverted boys while falling more and more in love with Riku (while also shaking their heads about his (alleged) perversion).

Notable things:

– All the spotlight girls can’t be very good at school, no accessories seen on them (yet)
– The anime animal of this series is not as annoying as other anime animals (yet)
– Sayuri is a bit too perfect, maybe there is more than meets the eye (hopefully)
– One of the teachers it The Joker

Tell me something, my friend. You ever dance with the devil by the pale moonlight?

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