Ai Yori Aoshi ~ Memories of a Summer and Winter Vacation

October 10, 2006

Ai Yori Aoshi - The game

I have the habit of bidding low on a lot of ebay stuff without any real hope of being the highest bidder at the end. Well, by the auction of this game I was the highest bidder at the end. Not knowing anything about this game I read the story description on the official site first. Now I was pretty sure that I knew what this game would hold for me. Soon after I should see how horrible wrong I was.

As I began playing the game I expected things like this

Fufufu, you shouldn't say that....

or this

Fufufu, I'm so happy.

to happen, but somehow it all took a turn I wasn’t prepared for.

Me niether.

Errr, okay… The story starts as to be expected in the residence of our happy bunch. On TV runs a reportage about fun and stuff at the beach and soon the decision is made to go to the beach, too. Only Kaoru seems to have a bad feeling.

....Southern island resort special?

Little does he know what will await him in the near future. Fortunately, the Sakuraba Family owns a summer residence on one of the southern islands and a boat is organized without a problem. But before they can start Mayu visits and disagrees with their decision.

Going to the beach is unpardonable.

Why she can’t tell, but as long as “Hanabishi-sama” goes there, she goes there, too. At the end Tina has the best argument(s).

You know you wanna see me in a bathing suit.

Hence short time after they all board the boat to have the damn greatest vacation of all times. On board Kaoru chats a bit with Taeko, but as they come to speak about his relationship to Aoi Taeko gets a little weird, clams that their relationship is going nowhere and that he should scout his chances with the other girls.

Then let's put it on hold and go on to the next one...

Kaoru thinks that she might have point, but feels a little threatened by a knife-wielding Taeko and flees onto deck just to bump into Mayu who was impressed how easily Tina could convince Kaoru. Mayu is eager to also exploit this weak spot of his character.

I bought a new bathing suit for this trip.

Kaoru thinks “Ah, what the heck.”, doesn’t hesitates long and within a few seconds they both are enjoying a close embracement watched by Tina who happened to be at the right place at the wrong time.

...my heart will go on...

Tina gets back into the main cabin and tells Chika about what she has seen. Chika gets desperated (maybe she had some ambitions for Kaoru herself) while Tina makes a fatal prediction.

I-is it going to be like the Titanic?

As soon as these words are spoken rain starts failing. A big thunderstorm begins and even Miyabi’s mad boat-driving skillz…

Sound of the drums/Beatin' in my heart/The thunder of guns/Tore me apart/You've been  -  thunderstruck

can’t prevent that the boat grounds on the rocky beach of some unknown jungle island. While the storm wanes Mayu notices that the other girls are behaving a bit strange. Taeko searches for a machete on the whole ship, Tina speaks nonsense…

The floor drank one of my beers.

Chika is atypical quiet while speaking of bad things happening in the future and Aoi is telling everybody that she is sorry for something. Kaoru isn’t noticing any of this so Mayu draws her own conclusions.

It feels like I'm going to be the heroine of some tragedy....

As the rain stops they leave the ship to inspect the damage. The boat is stuck for now but should be still seaworthy after pushing it of the rocks. Because nightfall will be coming soon they decide to try this tomorrow and make the best out of the remaining day.

All-we-can-eat! Yes!

While eating and drinking Kaoru shows some nasty behavior and promptly gets blamed by Aoi.

Kaoru-sama, I don't think you should doing things like that.

At night they take a walk on the beach talking about what happened the day. Kaoru assures that nobody is at fault for the crash and that Miyabi instead might have saved them all with her skillz. All the time he pats Mayu’s head lost in thoughts.

No one is to blame.

Mayu is very happy while Aoi watches enviously. Something seems to have been awakened in her through this gesture. Soon after they all wish a…

Good night.

and go to bed. In his cabin, Kaoru thinks about what happened today…

(A lot of things happend today...)

and is soon fast asleep.

Owww....Tina, a little softer....

The next day Taeko and Chika have gone missing but the other girls don’t seem to care. Kaoru is a bit awakened but his thoughts are suddenly interrupted by Tina.

Listen to the dream I had.

What follows can’t be described with words.

Eh-, this is the worst.

Everybody (left) agrees and Tina soon understands her undoing.


While trying to not listen to Tina’s tale Kaoru reflects a bit about Aoi’s outfit while checking her out.

(Wait a minute. Shouldn't Aoi-chan change her clothes?)

To Kaoru’s surprise even Miyabi agrees after these words are spoken out loud.

That sounds reasonable.

Aoi embraces this proposal…

But, it should be alright if I wear sexy clothes here, won't it?

but has some concerns on her own.

But, please don't laugh at me since I am not used to wearing them.

Kaoru ensures that he won’t laugh and while Aoi changes he begins to make some (weird) thoughts about the outfit Aoi will wear when she comes back.

Think, McFly, Think!

“Please close your eyes.” Aoi shouts and Kaoru does so. Each seconds that elapses makes Kaoru even more excited. Suddenly he feels her touch as Aoi links her arms with his right arm. Finally he hears the redeeming “Now you can look, Kaoru-sama.” from Aoi. Slowly he opens his eyes to delicate one the promised sexy outfit and sees…






this. For a second everything is quite, then Kaoru bursts out laughing loud. He just can’t stop laughing while Aoi is very consternated about this. Back on board she finally gets enraged and stops his laughs with a freezing cold tone.

Kaoru-sama, you're still laughing. You are laughing too much.

After this she stomps away angrily and leaves Kaoru behind who is a bit concerned about what he has done. But so much laughing made him hungry. Therefore he goes down into the main cabin to eat something. Here he meets Tina who surprises him with an offer he just can’t reject.

Kaoru-, let's sleep together.

“Excellent!” he thinks and asks Tina to wait for just a moment while he gets “something” out of his private cabin. With pleasant anticipation he opens his door just to find Miyabi sitting on his bed asking him something that seems to go the same direction as Tinas offer.

How would you like to view the ocean by moonlight?

“Yes!” is Kaorus next thought and he can barely believe the luck he suddenly encounters. His happy thoughts are interrupted as Aoi storms into the cabin. Mayu seems to has gone mad, dragging Tina into the Jungle to do god-knows-what to her. Maybe she will meet the same fate as Taeko and Chika before her. Immediately Aoi, Miyabi and Kaoru leave the boat to search for Mayu, but she is nowhere to be seen on the beach. They decide to search the jungle. Kaoru, a bit suspicious after the latest events arranges a backup plan for himself.

(If the worst should happen, I'll just go by myself....)

Feeling more secure now he gives the signal to enter the jungle.

Run, Forest, Run!

Kaoru wonders a second why Aoi suddenly wears western style clothing, but the next time he looks at her she wears her normal kimono again. “Must have been my imagination.” he thinks. While they are walking through the jungle he begins to talk with Aoi about their relationship and if they could refresh it in some way.

The library? Sounds like a plan.

On a glade in the jungle they find an ordinary mansion.

It doesn't seem like an ordinary mansion.

Hey! I am telling this! (But he might have a point). Without any other clue they decide to enter the building, maybe Mayu has dragged the other girls into it. Fortunately the front door isn’t locked.

It looks like....the door isn't locked.

The interior of the building is very dark, but it can be seen that this building has been a research facility in the past. Aoi begins to hear some strange noises.

There is someone here beside us. I just heard footsteps....

Cliffhanger! Scene change. It is revealed that Mayu didn’t drag Tina away, but convinced her to follow her into the jungle. Mayu overheard some talking of Aoi to herself about “demon away” the others and got scared. Now she slowly recognize that she has chosen the wrong ally.

I am sick and tired of putting up with you being drunk.

Tina can’t take these words anymore and breaks down.

Hey, you meanie.

After some time she gets a hold on herself and begins to plan with Mayu what they should do about Aoi. The last time Mayu saw her she seemed to be very dangerous and the two girls don’t think they could stand a chance against her. “Maybe if we could get some weaponry we could overwhelm her.” Tina says with a grin. Mayu stats the facts.

We don't have any knives and forks, how do you plan to?

“Well, maybe we could make weapons out of the things that surround us. Do you see anything we could make a workbench of?”

I would like you to be more aware of reality.

Seems like their situation is pretty hopeless. Scene change back to the old research facility. Aoi, Miyabi and Kaoru have made their way deeper into the building. As they find the nap room Aoi thinks about refreshing her relationship with Kaoru NOW, but he rejects.

Nap room....wouldn't be right.

Kaoru already has found something better.

Computer room!

He doesn’t know what a grave mistake he has made. While happily mumbling something about “Lets see if the new episode of “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni” is already available for download.” and wondering why Aoi wears western style clothing again he walks in the direction of the computer room. At this point Aoi finally snaps and attacks Kaoru from behind. While he gets slowly choked by the surprisingly strong girl Miyabi can only watch the scene speechless.

I - I can't breath Aoi-chan.

Soon his defence is broken and he drifts away into darkness.


After some time Aoi lets go of his now lifeless body. She experiences a moment of regret while Miyabi still isn’t able to react in any way.

I am sorry, Kaoru-sama.

Miyabi doesn’t know what to do at first, but after a few minutes her loyalty to the Sakuraba Family gets the upper hand and she debates with the surprisingly calm Aoi what they should do next. Aoi is visibly relieved that Miyabi is still on her side, as so often in the past.

Yes. Miyabi-san always manages to help me.

They both carry the corpse back to the boat just to see that Taeko and Chika have returned. They leave the body in the jungle and walk on the beach to greet those two and ask them what they have been doing the whole time.

She swam naked thinking there was no one looking.

“Well, okay…” Miyabi replies, “let get the ship going again, the other will join with us soon.” Together they manage get the ship seaworthy again. To celebrate this Aoi gets everybody a drink.

Thank you for all of your hard work today.

Unfortunately for Taeko and Chika their drinks are poisoned. In another moment of regret Aoi thinks about Kaoru again.

I, your fiancee, brought you down Kaoru-sama....please forgive me.

Miyabi interrupts her zone out with the question about what they should do with the bodys. Aoi answers her.

Yes, we will put the things we can't burn in a bag and take it home.

After searching the ship Aoi has to see that her plan can’t be accomplished. Thus they just bury them close to the jungle. As the morning dawns they have finished this task. Aoi is somehow sad.

I wish I had brought some sort of bag.

Nothing holds them on this island anymore, so they set sail towards home. Just at this moment Mayu and Tina come running out of the jungle after finally coming to the conclusion that they won’t come to any conclusion. Now they see their boat getting smaller and smaller in the distance. Mayu is shocked and screams after them.

Please don't leave me!

Tina however is not very disappointed.

A couple on a deserted island, how romantic.

Mayu can’t take it anymore.

Sheesh, why do I have to be caught in this crazy ordeal?

Shortly after these events everybody dies because of a large scale volcanic gas leak. Everybody except Mayu. Why not Mayu you ask?

....Perhaps I'm your favorite?




Ai Yori Aoshi ~ Memories of a thrilling summer vacation

The End







What you will meet…
the cost of kindness.

What you will fall…
the maze of sadness.

What will burn…
vengeful thoughts.


Ai Yori Aoshi
Memories of a relaxing winter vacation


(T-This is killing me....)


Can you believe it?

(Just kidding)


  1. LOL!! OMG You are freaking hilarious!! I couldn’t stop laughing with the Higurashi parody you did LOL!

  2. Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it as much as I did while making it.

  3. oh. This game doesn’t seem good but think it has few humor in it. Yeah I think I will get pissed off if I ever buy it with the highest price possible regarding the content. Did you actually enjoyed honestly????

  4. If you’re a fan of the Ai Yori Aoshi series this game might be interesting for you, othervise it won’t have much worth for you. And everything written here by me is purely fictional of course, the real game is like you would expect it to be from something of the Ai Yori Aoshi franchise.

  5. Were i can download this game? ???????
    I love Ai Yori Aoshi

    • i love Ai Yori Aoshi too its awesome!!!!!! have u seen the whole thing?
      i have its awesome!!

  6. You can download a demo version here:
    You can buy it there, too. But it seems to be available cheaper on other sides, for example this one:
    Also EBay might be a good way to obtain this game.

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