Yoake mae yori ruriiro na – Crescent Love

October 8, 2006

Under a violent moon

Time for another romantic harem school comedy. Yoake mae yori ruriiro na – Crescent Love adds some sci-fi, the moon, princesses and maids to the mix. Maybe nothing spectacular but not every series has to re-invent the wheel to be quiet pleasurable.

The story so far: The moon is colonized by humankind and in a reversion of the history of the USA the moon people grow tired of all this progressive democracy and established their own monarchy, the “Kingdom of Sphere”. Everything was fair and square and even the first Disneyland Lunar (TM) was opened.

Children under 3 years go free

But suddenly all hell broke loose and a gigantic interstellar war between earth and moon took place.

Space - The final frontline

This way Yoake mae yori ruriiro na – Crescent Love starts as all easy-going romantic harem comedies should start: With not only the nearly complete annihilation of the population on earth


but also of the population on moon.

Shake the room!

Well, everybody makes little mistakes and the few survivors agreed to don’t hold any grudges against each other. Some years later everything is shiny again and the story of Tatsuya Asagiri begins.

Tatsuya Asagiri - the male lead

Tatsuya seems to be a pretty normal high school student except of his habit to show his affection to girls by pinching their nose.


He has already a little “harem” established, consisting of

Mai Asagiri - little sister

his little sister Mai Asagiri,

Sayaka Hozumi - older sister

his older sister Sayaka Hozumi,

Natsuki Takamizawa - classmate & girl living next door

his classmate & girl living next door Natsuki Takamizawa and

Midori Tohyama - classmate ?and childhood friend?

Midori (which means “green” by the way) Tohyama, another classmate and maybe childhood friend who liked to be nosepinched just once. Beside school Tatsuya and Natsuki work in the Angel Mort restaurant version of this series owned by her father.

Working part, working hard

Peaceful days as it seem till one day Tatsuya comes home to be greeted by a maid totally unknown to him (lucky bastard).

Mia Clementis - the maid

But this is not the only surprise this day will hold for him. His older sister, who is the Primary Secretary to the President, tells him that this is the maid of the moon princess who will homestay at their home from now on and will attain to his school as student to learn more about earth society (to help building up a better relationship between moon and earth. Remember the millions and billions of death from the last war). So Tatsuya is introduced to Feena Fam Earthlight, princess of the moon.

Feena Fam Earthlight - the princess

First thing Feena does is to tumble on the floor in chibi mode.


This way Tatsuya got affected enough to her to start some pinching.

Pinch princess

Which lead to some excitation and the “mysterious” hint by the princess that he hasn’t changed at all. Well, probably they met as children and she fell in love with him because he fix her broken flip-flops/ cheered her up when she was down/ helped her find her way when she was lost etcetera, we’ll see. Later that evening they are on their way to the restaurant.


As suddenly the mood changes


and the Asagiri family kidnaps the princess and her maid

Catch her!

to force the moon monarchy to surrender and give up their false ways.

All your base are belong to us!

Just kidding, but for a split second I thought I was watching Higurashi no Naku Koro ni again. In reality they have a nice meal at the restaurant until something very annoying shows up.

Skirt up, fun down!

The second I saw this I knew that this character will be an annoyance though the whole series, similar to the goat in Futakoi. Hopefully I am wrong. Natsuki’s brother on the other hand is thrilled by him and asks him about his underskirt experiences

Teach me, sensei!

only to be hit though the window by his sister (again).

I regret nothing!

Noticed that the second window was already broken in the chibi scene? Well, little mistakes like this (or wars who kill millions and billions of human) happens. The episode closes with a blond girl hovering in mid air who resembles me somehow of Piyoko, leader of the infamous black gema gema dan (Ah, the good old days).

Hovering blond girl - ?the evil maid?

But I am pretty sure that this girl will have nothing to do with the rest story.

I think Yoake mae yori ruriiro na – Crescent Love won’t be anything special, but I’m sure I will enjoy watching it.


  1. Yeah! This is my favorite series yet! I made a site just for direct downloads to promote this show!

  2. wait, without the www, just http://crescentloveportal.googlepages.com

  3. Well, unfortunatly I can’t say the same about this series, but I’m glad that you like it.

  4. This is an awsome series i think that thay should make more of it, the continuation with them having children if u will.
    that’d be the greatest thing i’d ever hear of.

  5. this is one of my favorite anime ever……….thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!^_^

  6. gooey mooey!!

  7. Nice Anime.. Hope to be able to watch it soon xD

  8. that is a funny anime,and i guest i am a 1st commend in 2008! loooooool

  9. GOD wants to fuck Feena,Mai,Midori and Tohyama.

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