October 6, 2006

Kanon is running again
It’s a promise.

Well, Kanon 2006 finally started and after seeing the first episode I am sure that I will watch it till the end.

Of course I also liked to have much more of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu, but taking this beside the first episode of Kanon 2006 made me go from “Why?” to “Why not?”. It was somehow like coming home after long absence. Lots of things were comfortable familiar and some things changed (only to the better as far as I could see). It was like seeing old friends again. By having seen the first version of Kanon the opening scene felt like the a “Welcome back” no only for Yuuichi but also for me. The city tour by Nayuki afterwards was very nice, too, because as far as I can tell every important location and character was shown (except for Mishio and Makoto(the name is a little spoiler)).

Yuuichi Aizawa
Yuuichi Aizawa

Nayuki Minase
Nayuki Minase

Akiko Minase
Akiko Minase (probably the most easy-going anime mom of all times)

Sayuri Kurata & Mai Kawasumi
Sayuri Kurata & Mai Kawasumi

Shiori Misaka
Shiori passing by

Jun Kitagawa & Kaori Misaka
Jun Kitagawa & Kaori Misaka

Ayu *Uguu* Tsukimiya

The animation quality was as high as to be expected and even the background was as lively as we are use of from Suzumiya Haruhi. On top of that they used one of my favored classic compositions (Pachebel’s Canon in D) as background music in the restaurant. I think I will enjoy this Kanon Reloaded very much but also hope that they won’t make it a habit to remake older series.


  1. Yuuichi reminds me of Kyon as of course they have the same voice-actor, but the overall art style is almost exactly like Air, but better. This will be one of my favourites this season; I’m sure of it!

  2. I don’t know how they managed to take something so exquisitely cute and make it even cuter, but they did. The only problem I have is that they made Yuuichi’s appearance more masculine, and he used to have big eyes and a tiny mouth just like the girls. Everything else is good though. :3

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