Karin 18

October 5, 2006

Ren da man

The Ren special.

To cut a short story even shorter: In this episode we learn about Ren’s awakening as a vampire. He was forced to join a human school in his pre-vampire time to learn about human society (I now wonder why Anju isn’t going to school, too). Ren isn’t very enthusiastic about it.

Why me?

To make things even worse this school is an all-boys school completed with an all-gay student council president triumvirate which is eager to make Ren join their happy gay party.

We are all happy, we are all gay

Ren’s roommate behaves very girlish and wants to leave this school as soon as possible which leads Ren to the conclusion that he is a she.

Is this Ouran High School?

As Ren’s vampire blood awakes he feels the urge to suck her blood. At the same time the triumvirate has kidnapped her in order to pressure Rin to join them. He faces them that night, discovers that his roommate is in fact really a he but bites him none the less. This whole experience led to Ren’s floccinaucinihilipilification of the human kind.

The real interesting part of this episode was to see how the “puberty” of the vampires look like. This way we surely be able to cognize the signs of Anju’s awakening which should be soon enough. And besides we got to see little Karin and even more little Anju again.



  1. lol chibi Karin and Anju are so cute!

  2. Lol, I remember watching this show! Ren’s voice is sexy as hell imo. I usually like characters that his VA does too.

  3. awww ^-^ anju looks so cute and lol ren bit a dude when he refuses to bite men XD

  4. Anju isnt going because for some reason she can control bats even though she hasnt gotten to the blood draining part & has a huge perversion to sunlight.

    i read the manga and somehow ended up here… poor, poor Ren. someone get him a girl

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