Zero no Tsukaima

October 3, 2006

Zero no Tsukaima

Zero no Tsukaima suffered of a main plot just too large to be told in the way it was done. The evil opponents remained rather shallow with pure world domination as their only motivation. There wasn’t given enough information of the relationship between the empires of this alternative world to get a good feeling about the dimension of the conflict that affected the last episodes. I think it would have been much better if the story had dealt with the conflict from the very beginning, the way it was done resulted in a very rushed ending. None the less Zero was entertaining enough with a Harry Potter alike feeling and a nice cast of good guys (though Saito could have used a change of clothes once in a while). I would watch a second season, but I am afraid there is not much interesting story potential left from this season.


  1. Actually if you think about it thers alot of potential weather or not he goose for the main girl. If he finds a nother person from earth or not.And finley if he ever gits back home.
    And for a twist if the earth and whatever planet he is on now are in different dimensions and are thay in danger of destroying each other?

  2. Hmmm…, that might be good and interesting story plots, but none of them really evolves out of the things that happened so far. The same plots (with some minor adjustments) could be used to make a second season of Escaflowne for example. The only potential left from this season is that Fuuke is on the loose, but Fuuke is one of most pathetic enemies I have ever seen. If they had build up the Reconquista better and left them more or less intact, that would have been another story.

  3. I think you do take several branches on this and take the plot further. For one, now everyone is gonna know about the Gandalf and the Void user, so as Louise tries to master her powers there could be a lot of people after her, we don’t know where that little punk with the ring was coming from (he couldn’t haven’t possibly hoped to dominate the world with just that one small country and his ring… right?) And we also have the potential that the reason tings keep popping up from our world to theirs can have a dramatic effect on ow the story plays out… Like restoring balance to the universe and so on… Plus there’s the fixing of the “Dragon’s Rainment” if Saito ever wants to go home… (not that I’d ever leave a world of magic, dragons, weapons, kick-ass talking swords, and an incredible destiny with a girl that I fell in love with. Call me crazy I guess…)

  4. Hmmm…, I forgot of “that little punk” that time, there really could be some potential. Otherwise I’m pretty sure they’ll find something to make a story of, it just isn’t necessarily required from the end of the first seasion. With a second season in mind they shouldn’t (or wouldn’t) have rushed that end so much I think. And about that world, there are no computers and no anime. *g* But still a hard choice…

  5. lol… you got a point. It’d be hard to go without my anime/manga… heheh. Then again, trading my anime and manga to actually LIVE an anime sounds pretty sweet too. Especially a harem comic/romance/action manga like Zero.

    Still, I’m betting we have two roads to travel in season 2. I predict something like this. The kids graduate, or close to graduate, from magic school and they eventually get to the oint where tey want to go on a mission to find a way to return Saito to his own world. While on this quest, they also have to fight off people from a secret group who want the Void user’s powers for themselves, probably to throw the balance of the pentagram off and take advantage of it to rule BOTH worlds (Earth and… wherever they are…). This will also have something to do with all the artifact from Earth that are being mysteriously summoned across the universe. I’ll also predict a twist that somehow forces Saito to go back because he is originally from that world and he is trowing off the balance. Like Titus and Sin from FFX. Any comments?

  6. That are some nice ideas you have, but at the moment I think anything can happen. I guess they will definitely try again to bring Saito back to his world and of course there will be some evil followers who will try to take advantage of the situation in some way.

  7. Do we have a date of release for Season 2 yet? I don’t know if its even come out in Japan yet either… so it’ll take even longer to find it in an English sub…

  8. Well, it’s already airing. Subs are available for the first four episodes so far. http://www.baka-updates.com/ for example can help here.

  9. Ahhh…. many thanks.

  10. this is what i think about this season, i think that its great its just that someone is in the way and that little someone seems to be siesta she’s such a boyfriend husband stealer that freak without a leash….she should be the dog oh and thank you for thin info !!! arigato and if you wanna check out the eps you can go to http://www.watchanimeonline.com i love episode 4 ^_^ but too bad that siesta was there

  11. So far, my predictions seem like they were pretty accurate… We got trying to repair the ship (though no quest to find the other one since it didn’t actually crash it flew away…) Someone is after the Void user’s power, and the organization that Cromwell was a part of killed him, got the ring back, and are still trying to carry out their plans by inciting more war. Seems pretty cool so far, I just hope it surpasses 13 episodes which the first season stopped at… or at least that it opens a third season too if it does. I just enjoy these characters…

  12. @ Rayumi: I kind of like Siesta, she’s trying to take her chances and Saito doesn’t seem to be too reluctant. But they should try to develop her character a bit more. At the moment she is pretty shallow and thus rather annoying I agree.

    @ Jake: Quite accurate, I agree. Pretty enjoying so far.

  13. i like saito-kun. =3

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