Welcome to the NHK!

September 28, 2006

Misaki Nakahara

The story of NHK develops around Tetsuhiro Sato, 21 years of age, who became a hikikomori after finishing high school. In high school he spend a lot of time with Hitomi Kashiwa, a sempai of him. Hitomi was highly paranoid at that time and her conspiracy theories somehow rub off on Tetsuhiro. He was unable to stand the stress of an university life and retreated into his apartment. Here he spends most of the time sleeping while blaming everything bad that happens on the evil Nihon Hikikomori Kyokai (NHK). One day he meets cute Misaki Nakahara at the door. She claims to be able to help him becoming a normal member of society again. From this point onwards he slowly begins to interact with his surrounding again and his life changes for the better. Or at least it seems so as far as I watched now (Episode 9), but there are more than enough signs that these good times might be at an end soon. Misaki is rather incompetent but just to good to be true, Kaoru Yamazaki, former lower grade classmate of Tetsuhiro and now the otaku next door, seems to be able to snap anytime soon and Hitomi is slowly affecting his life again. And beside of this the title of the next episode is “Welcome to the dark side”.

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