Karin 15-17

September 25, 2006

Granny Vampire Elda

The Elda intermezzo.

It’s cultural festival time at Karin’s school and her class decides to contribute with a haunted house (by the way: Its also winter uniform time.). W-kun gets to play himself, Kenta will be the scary eye in a hole in the wall and Karin got to be a vampire. Except not. She is just not convincing enough as vampire and so Maki will play her part. Karin gets assigned to help with the decoration.

Chibi Vampire Maki

Karin’s feelings toward Kenta don’t unsettle her anymore, his presents is now comfortable enough for her to dream about kissing him while sleeping on his shoulder.

I hope she doesn't start to drool

About the same time Elda awakes in the basement of the Maaka villa. She is Karin’s paternal grandmother and was sealed away some years ago. Now she was able to free herself because Karin’s father removed the seals so that she might tell him something about “blood-makers” (he is researching about Karin’s abnormality for quite some time now). After feasting on the love of some unfortunate people (her affection)

Give me all your lovin'

she returns to the Maaka villa to greet her family. It turns out that her son can’t talk back to her, she and Karin’s mother hate each other, Ren is already traumatized by her and Anju somehow knows about her personality.

They really hate each other

Karin of course doesn’t know anything about her and is very surprised. Karin and Elda look very alike except Elda has longer and brighter hair, a slightly different eye color and smaller breasts (which inevitable leads to some “assets”-touching, enviously watched by Anju). The original plan was to keep Karin’s condition a secret, but of course Elda soon gets to know that Karin attends to a human school. While she visits the school to snack a bit on the love of the students (who are preparing for the cultural festival even at night) she realizes that Karin is in love with Kenta. In the past Elda was also in love with a human herself but had to suck his love in order to survive. The human, Alfred, promised her that their love won’t die anyway, but as soon as she finished sucking his blood all love was gone and he stabbed her with dowel.

Thats gotta hurt

Because of this she is confident that love between vampires and humans only leads to sadness. To prevent Karin from experience something similar she tries to bite Kenta and erase his love for Karin.


But her first attempt gets baffled by Anju and her familiars. This is none the less no real drawback for Elda and she announces to Karin that she will suck Kentas blood at the festival. Filled with worries Karin is overly protective toward Kenta the next day, but he can calm her by pointing out that even Elda can’t hit him by daylight (although the flashback scenes show her acting in bright daylight. Bad scripting or an ability of Elda? Who knows?). Now they both can enjoy the festival with all its sights,

Maid Cafe


Cat Ears Fortune Telling (With Coffee)


Goldfish Scooping

get a bit lovey-dovey and even share an indirect kiss through eating one potion of fried soba noodles together. *gasp*

They are practial married now

As evening falls its Elda-time.

Hello there

Karin soon notices the present of Elda and finds her sitting on the roof of the school. She begs her for leaving Kenta alone but Elda still thinks that it’s for Karin’s best to erase the love between them. With the appearing of Kenta their talk ends and the action starts.

This one belongs to me!

Or would have started if Karins blood pressure wouldn’t have got critical high and took her out again.


Elda is surprised about the fact that Karin is a blood-maker but is now even more eager to suck Kentas blood. With Karin out (and Anju hold back by her own brother as she tries to help) nobody is left to protect Kenta.

That's one hawt grandma

Except W-man who just arrives in time.

W is here to save the day

Four people are just to much for the installation they are standing on. It topples down and Karin, Kenta and W fall to their certain death just to be rescued by Elda. She is somehow impressed by Kenta’s attempt to save Karin (he even pushed Elda aside). Also the surname of the W, Sinclair, seems to ring some bell. Maybe Alfred was a Sinclair, too, and Elda is one of the reasons why the Sinclairs are such fanatic (and weird) vampire hunters. The festival ends with Elda going on a journey to check on a clue for the solution of Karin’s blood-maker problem and with the students dancing on the late-night celebration.

Maki makes her move


What kind of dance is this?

Next time: “Big brother’s secret is so embarrassing”. Do we really want to know?


  1. I love this book i practically read it everyday!!!!

  2. good

  3. l love elda she so cool and l love watching karin HELL YEAH!!!!

  4. THis Anime Is So Freaking Awsum… I Hope They Make Much More To It!! Goooooo Usui & Ren wiff Karin!! They R So Fucking awsum… I just have to say words can not explain wat i feel about this anime series!!!!!! >XD IT ROX!!!

  5. I Love Karin too. I think it’s one of the best Anime in this world!!! ❤ =*

  6. i dont watch the anime, i read the manga, but maybe ill give the anime a try :/

  7. this series inspired me and my frend to be together as i would like to thank them for brining joy to us thanks the anime rocks lon live karin and kenta usui

  8. wow, Karin is sooo…great! I’ve read the manga, but never came to actually watching the series. Karin and Kenta R too cute together!

  9. I love this manga. itz a shame that they dot make anymore. ;(

  10. karin y usui-kun tienen q estar juntos x siempre

    son muy buenos exxelente

  11. awwwwww how cute ^_^ but gosh seriously kenta MAKE A MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. wow! i know seriously though kenta does need to make a damn move!

  13. i love chibbi vampire its the best manga ever

  14. Howdy! I simply wish to give a huge thumbs up for the good info you have right here on this
    post. I might be coming again to your blog for extra soon.

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