Porco Rosso

September 23, 2006

Fio & Porco

Well, you just can’t go wrong with Studio Ghibli and this movie is no exception. Things I especially liked are (of course) the cute and intelligence Fio, the complete but likeable incompetence of the air pirates, the always subliminal present melancholy and the fact that Porco takes his first mission solely for the fact that school girls are involved. Only the sudden ending is a little drawback (also a feature of Ghibli movies I’m afraid).

One comment

  1. Hi There!!!
    I saw the whole movie last night and I just have to agree with what everything you wrote. Could be like there’s going to be a Porco Rosso 2 ¿?

    A local TV station aired in the form of chapters around 12 years ago. Since then I keept it in my mind.

    By the way, I live in Panamá (Cental América).


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