Ouran High School Host Club

September 19, 2006

The Ouran High School Host Club

At first I had my doubts if this anime might be interesting for me but luckily my curiosity was stronger. Ouran is a great some comedy well animated and filled with lots of original ideas. Though good character development the (at first one-dimensional appearing) characters gain in depth and become very likeable. Each episode I watched so far entertained me big time and left me just feeling good at the time the credits rolled. A nice proof that harem comedy can work the other way round, have harem members which lives are not purely centred around the harem lead and can have a harem lead who is not a pathetic loser loved for the sole reason of being the only person of the opposite gender available. Two thumbs up.


  1. i really like this anime
    it is so cool the characters are my favourite of all time, the story and the whole thing is perfect .
    i cant wait to see the second season

  2. I haven’t heard of a second season yet. It’s possible, but rather unlikely I think (whereas I already guessed wrong about the second season of Zero no Tsukaima).

  3. This anime I it so much, so pls I want a second season…. I love much lovlier plzzz….. hehe….

  4. i so want a 2nd season because it’s an amazing show and more people will like it if there’s a secound season.

  5. i very like that book .It’s very wonderful

  6. … =/ prolly no second epis cuz i think the manga ends off with the last day of summer vacation or smthin… + the anime ends near the end of school year = graduation … so only five members left of the host club

  7. it`s a good anime,being honest, it`s the fist one i`ve seen so it didn`t dessapoint me

  8. i heard that the manga is unfinished, which could be the reason to maybe not doing a 2nd series. i hope the author does more if it’s unfinished!

  9. I think (and hope) that unfinished means ongoing here. I guess something as successful as this series won’t be dropped in the middle. Won’t complain about a 2nd season either.

  10. I fell in love with Host Club it was a great story and I cant get enough of Hikaru i love him so much. Hope there will be a second season the ending kinda left you thinking about who will actually get Haruhi. There’s a three way split between Tamaki, Hikaru and Kouya so I really want to see what happens hope and pray for a 2nd season

  11. I love love love this anime..

  12. I LOVE the show, my favs. are the twins

  13. i luv host club, and i want a secondseason, if their ain’t one i’ll cry… i think kouya should be wit haruhi, but then i think Tamaki is a better match. If i don’t find out wat happens then this’ll be another cliffhanger ending, which i hate.

  14. If nothing else helps you could try with the manga.

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