Karin 11-14

September 17, 2006


The pool, the brother, the mother of him and the friend of her.

Episode 11

W-man awakes after a dream about his childhood vampire hunter training (he sucked, surprise, surprise) and his meeting of a girl during a solar eclipse. He is pretty sure that Karin is the girl of his past and is now even more decided to hit on her.

The solar eclipse - W-Vision

Meanwhile Karin and Maki enjoy the summer brake in an ice cafe. Soon they are interrupted by W babbling mostly nonsense, flashing around (Makis effort to follow his movement is pure gold) and giving Karin a ticket for the Paradise Pool. It’s a date.

What happend?

That night Karin is worried about the date with an arch-enemy of all vampires and decides to show her worst behavior tomorrow in order to scare W off. But she is afraid to do this alone and phones Maki to help her with her plan. At the same time Maki is depressed because W only has eyes for Karin. When Karin phones her she is more than eager to help (by the way, “Thus spoke Zarathustra” is a pretty cool phone tone).

Tell my why, or why not.

After seeing that Kenta has to work alone but still gets a lunchbox next day it is finally onsen beach pool time!

Yay! It's summer!

Karin and Maki are checking out the girls while waiting for the W. As he arrives he presents Karin a bouquet roses much to her delightment. Maki doesn’t like this at all and reminds Karin of “the plan”.

You suck!

Hence Karin beefs (completely justified) about Ws costume and as W asks about the reason why “Miss Karin-sans friend” attends the date Karin plays insulted. At least Maki gets a single rose together with the nice statement “A mixture of diamonds and zirconia still shines brightly.” Lucky Maki (I guess).

A rose for Zirconia

At the pool W-“The body”-kun wears tight trunks (picture excluded) which makes all girls hot. Karin however wears a monster of a swimsuit (picture also excluded) according to “the plan”. W still likes it but Karin is to embarrassed and quickly changes to a bikini (also liked by the W).

Karin in summer mode

From now on Karin is pissed about anything that W-man does


and ends up behind a table with lots of food brought by him. Therefore she changes to the greedy glutton plan and digs in. W likes it again and Maki, despaired for every little drop of affection of the W, mimics Karin.

If I become like Karin W-kun will surely like me as personality

With bad consequences.

Don't die on me, Maki!

With Maki out its only the two of them left, but W has already changed back in his W-suit because he can’t have fun while Karins friend suffers.

*kana* *kana* *kana*

Next on the program is a total solar eclipse (they got an awful lot of them in the story as it seems. The last total eclipse over Japan was 1981 As far as I know. As they use cellphones this can’t be the time the story takes place. The next one will be 2012).

Total solar eclipses are cool!

While they observe the rare phenomenon W talks about the girl he meet during the last eclipse and Karin flashbacks to see this event through her eyes.

The solar eclipse - Karin-Vision

The cognition that their encounter at that time gave W the courage to become a full-fledged Vampire Hunter shocks Karin.

Quiet shocking

Her blood pressure rises and as W embraces her the inevitable happens.

gomen nasai

W begins to faint, but as Karin get unconscious he gets a grip on himself and retains Karin of hitting the ground (which really impressed me).

W-man, our hero!

In the end they both join Maki at the sickroom. This way at least Maki gets a bit of happiness.

Is he smiling because of me?

Episode 12

Karins brother Ren is somehow pissed by Karin and Kenta being all lovey-dovey and decides to teach her a lesson about reality because humans and Vampires don’t fit together.

Ren the vamp

He asks her if she is in love with Kenta which she negates. He tells her that this is a relieve cause now he can bite “that person” with no qualms. Karin is shocked and wonders who “that person” could be. Her first suspect is Kenta himself.


But she soon realizes that this is a no-go.


So she correctly suspects Ren to target Kentas mom, Fumio, which is bad because, well, it’s just bad.

Is this bad?

After some consulting with Anju Karin decides that it is for the best that she bites Fumio (again) prior Ren does so she won’t be a fitting victim for him anymore. Meanwhile the

W stands for Wictory

is chasing vampires in the city without knowing that he is made a (even bigger) fool of. At the first time someone (a police officer) complains about his outfit.


Before Karin can execute her plan she got called by Maki (in a very cute phone-scene) to help at a newly opened china restaurant (with a female manager who likes to touch the “assets” of her waitresses).

It's embarrassing

Fortunately Fumio also begins to work at this restaurant.

Lady in red

After watching clumsy Fumio some time Karin tries to take the opportunity to infuse some blood, but is interrupted by the manager. Karin new job is to hand out flyers at the entrance. Fumios unhappiness has raised her blood pressure critical and as Kenta appears she is near bursting. He tries to help her and drags her away to a lonely spot. While being dragged Karins vampire-nature takes over. She pushes Kenta to the ground with some vampire powers, gets above him and prepares to bite him.

This won't hurt (me) I promise


Episode 13

Karin comes back to her senses shortly before biting Kenta. She is shocked, runs away, bursts some blood through her nose and faints.

I really brushed them!

Kenta watches over her till she wakes up and dashes off because of the embarressment (with her costume soaked in blood). Back at the restaurant she finds out that Fumio got fired cause her irresistible attraction towards men which caused too much trouble.

She really looks good in red

On the streets again she is an easy prey for Ren, so Karin begins to search for her. Meanwhile Maki has done some shopping and is on her way home

Maki takes a walk on the dark side

when she encounters W-kun still chasing Rans familiar. Happily she tries to talk a bit with him, but soon after W is on the hunt again leaving Maki for just another moment of loneliness.

Maybe she is thinking about changing her name in ~Miss Karin-sans friend~ right now

With W distracted Ren is free to assault Fumio. After a short fight she is overwhelmed, but before Ren can bite her Karin appears to stop him.

It's time for Mortal Kombat

They have a quarrel about the relationship between vampires and humans until their (very angry) father appears and drags Ren home. Fumio ends on a park bench where she is soon found by Kenta lead by Anjus familiar.

Sleeping beauty

In a vampire family meeting the assumptions is made that Ren might have fallen for Fumios supernatural attraction. Ren gets very angry about this and leaves to bite some other women. At the same time Karin is lying on her bed thinking about her feelings for Kenta. She realizes that she might be in love with him what would be bad because he is the reason for her high blood pressure. The day after she apologizes to Kenta for the nearly-biting and tries to run off again, but is held back by him this time offering her his neck anytime she feels the urge to bite someone.

Won't get away this time!

Now Karin is sure that she is in love with him and cries in agony.

Love hurts

Episode 14

Still unsure what to do about her feelings Karin decides to avoid Kenta for the rest of the summer vacation. Unfortunately today is the last day of vacation and from tomorrow on they will meet again in school and besides they work in the same restaurant anyway. Maki visits her at work the next day and talks about the homework she still has to do today. This reminds Karin that she hasn’t finished any vacation homework at all and so the two of them agree to do them at Karins home. Maki is the first human visitor for the Maaka family (beside of Kenta) hence the welcome is a bit strange.

Her home is embarrassing

Shortly after Karin and Maki sit in Karins room working on their homework (after a short motivation speak of Maki).

It's all about GUTS!

They are soon interrupted by Karins mother bringing tea and checking on their work until Karin tells her to leave. While again working on the homework they talk a bit about Kenta when Anju appears out of nowhere.

Submerging Anju

She tells them (smiling) not to take too long because the outside is dangerous at night. Maki is thankful for the worries but the whole operation was planed as slumber party, so there is no time limit.


Much to Anju’s disapproval.

You are on my list now

After the commercial break they both do girly things like bathing together,


touching each other’s “assets”


and washing each other’s hair


until Anju decides to join them (after watching them through the eyes of her familiar).

Submerging Anju Part II

She tells them that dinner is ready. Karin bodes ill about the meal. It looks good on the outside, but the taste is just awful. Luckily Karin can put together some rice balls to save them both from starving.


Thereafter again some homework but Karin is too tired to go on and with the arrival of nju they give up on it and start a pillow fight.

Anju submerged just one time too often

With Anju sleeping Maki talks about a friend of her named “M-san” who is in love with a “W-kun” who already likes a “K-chan”.

Who the hell is she talking about?

Karin doesn’t get it at all but is still able to say the right things somehow. Next day on the way to school there is some talk about Karin and Kenta and in the end Karin is at least able to figure out that Maki meant herself with “M-san”. But she is still clueless who the heck “W-kun” and “K-chan” might be.

Karin in critical overflow mode

Notable things in these four episodes:

– Karin bit W-man when they were young
– Japan is a country with a lot of total solar eclipses happening
– Fumio has a supernatural attraction toward the opposite gender, even if they are vampires (I suspect W to have the same, don’t know which other way he could be adored this much by the girls)
– Ren is against the relationship of Karin and Kenta
– Sexual harassment at work is fine as long as only women are involved
– Karin has some strong powers herself but is unable to control them consciously
– Anju tries to build up Karins happiness but is at the same time very envious toward everyone who spends time with Karin
– Normal Vampires just can’t cook
– Maki’s love life is much sadder and more hopeless than Karin’s
– Karin is pretty dense

In the next episode a Karin (evil?) look-alike named Elda appears while a cultural festival takes place.

Can you believe it?


  1. karin es una caricatura muy cursi pero bonita.
    pero deberian quitarle lo pornografico y deberian sacar una pelicula.

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