September 14, 2006


This nice little games is able to concentrate Utawarerumono on its major attribute (beside of cute girls with animal traits & big breasts): Named characters who slash through hordes of nameless enemy generic characters until they reach a named enemy, who give them a bit of a tougher fight, but is none the less beaten at the end. Very much fun even without much knowledge of the japanese language. A(n even) better description, an instruction in english and the source to download the game can be found on this site.


  1. she reminds me of nakoruru…from samurai shodown

  2. Hmmm…, haven’t played Samurai Showdown, but a quick picture search really showed some look-a-like pictures. Eruruu by the way has some dog/wolf-ears and a corresponding tail (a bit hard to see in this picture).

  3. I like it.. but i art skill on anime..lol!!!

  4. you know!!! i love this girl from very begin!!! 10 years ago! when i was i kidd i swear with my god is i all ways follow her side until the end of my life Still now i love her so much that i think that i have to find her some where! If you have some think to talk with me just add this nick ga_chanh_13 Oh! i forgot she belong to natural and for darkness of Dark and Snow

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