Neon Genesis Evangelion – RE-TAKE

September 9, 2006

Cover of RE-TAKE 01

Well, even after the six years that have passed since I’ve seen the original series the first time the phenomenon called Neon Genesis Evangelion is able to astonish me again. While surfing for some information about the four new movies that are produced just now I happened to find lots of people being enthusiastic about the NGE doujin “RE-TAKE”. I normally don’t read doujins but curiosity was stronger. Soon I was caught up in this doujin and couldn’t stop reading till the end. It is very well made and fits in the story perfectly while giving the ending of Evangelion a new and very pleasant meaning. It was a really delightful experience. The series consists of four volumes (~100 pages each, the last one has ~200 pages) and a special volume 0 with ~50 pages. It has some H-content but only fitting and normal intercourse. I highly recommend this to everybody who likes to get a new (alternative) view on the End of Evangelion and to everybody else, too. I now hope that Gainax manages produce something similar moving and well fitting to the original anime.


  1. Is this official from Gainax O.O? I think it has a lot of scenes just for adults… >

  2. Doujins or doujinshis are normally unofficial and I think this one is too. And there are some adult-scenes, but not that many (1 or 2 per volume) and most of them are more or less “harmless”.

  3. wow!evangelion rocks!

  4. It sure does. *g*

  5. olas

  6. well…last time I saw that TV show I was 3 years old
    I just have a distortioned memory, I am going to rent the DVD(s)to see it, I dont know anything about the new movies, can you please send me an URL with something to my e-mail?

  7. 3 years old? That’s quite heavy. Wish you much entertainment rewatching it. Most of the things I know about the new movies I posted already, the rest isn’t really worth knowing. Anyhow, there is a post about a press release that is quite interesting:


  8. Does anyone know where can I get that doujin?

  9. mmmm…. hello… is so hot that picture, good to be a poster

  10. you can find the mdoujin at mangatraders>hentaitraders
    though you have to register first…its worth it tho.

  11. I dont think this is official because it may have some H scenes but i think too little to call a doujin I mean 90% was story and 10% H

  12. sorry I messed up I meant to say i do think this is official

  13. Well, a doujin doesn’t have to contain hentai scenes to be one. I’m pretty sure that Re-take is not official.

  14. nope, totally not official, it’s just a super freakin awesome doujinshi. Love and accept it!!

  15. WOW has anybody seen that there is an animation project going on for this its ment to be out next month.

  16. Really!? animation of retake?
    i’ve read retake (vol1-6) and (trust me) its very beautiful, the best evangelion sequel doujin ive ever read, i highly recommend all eva-fans to read this doujin

  17. Hmmm.., haven’t heard of any plans to animate it. There are some clips to find on YouTube, but they are “just” nicely arranged parts of the doujin.

  18. Your site is the best!!
    Please link to this site.

  19. yeah, i read it, its great, now lets just hope that its made into an animation.

  20. YOu said that there are four volumes of this, but there are actually a total of 6 “chapters” as I call them. Chapter 1-4, a Chapter 0 (which takes place between chapters 3 and 4, so I call it “3.5”), and After.

  21. Thanks for the update. I knew about the 2 other volumes already, just didn’t bother to update this post.

  22. I’ve been searching and searching, where can I find all 6 volumes translated in English? I’ve been able to find 1, 2, and 0 but nothing else 😦

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  24. Great work! I can’t wait for your next article 🙂

  25. A sequel to Neon Genesis Evangelion based in a world that Shinji creates that relives the events of Evangelion.

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