September 7, 2006

Kamyu, Yazuha, Karura, Touka, Aruruu, Eruruu & Urutori

A man awakes in a village without knowing anything about his past and wearing a mask that can’t be taken off. The village people are friendly and help him recover and after assisting them to kill a beast threatening their life he accepted as part of the community. After a short while he becomes the leader of a successful rebellion against their cruel and incompetent emperor and afterwards the new (and much wiser) emperor. But these new peaceful times don’t last long. The adjacent empires try to take advantage of the shattered condition of the new empire and the man seems to did bad things in his past and might now face the consequences.
Well made anime with nice character design. It has a similar atmosphere as the games of the Fire Emblem series which I enjoyed very much. This similarity is maybe because of the fight between named heroes against hordes of nameless soldiers, maybe because some of the named enemies join forces with the good ones after getting them known better, maybe because it all gets rather epic as the story goes on or maybe because Touka reminds me somehow of Lyn. Don’t know, but I like it.

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