Karin 08-10

September 5, 2006

From Karin with Love

These three episodes were not much of a surprise. The first one introduced “The W” a bit more, the following two showed some of the past of the now established characters. But some of the details where quiet funny.

Episode 8 features the incredible W as he again tries to hit on Karin with Kenta watching. He doesn’t get far and soon has to leave for his vampire patrol only to be hit by a truck and die.

Look out, W-kun!

Except not. In town he shows how much of a Wannabe-kun he is by meeting half of Karins family without noticing anything. This demonstration of incompetence will be continued in school the day after. Here a puddle of blood is discovered (of course caused by Karin).

Bloody Mondays!

This leads Whatever-kun to the (surprisingly right) conclusion that there are vampires at school. But the hunt is fruitless and at the end everything is ready for the “Lets get to know something about the past” – episodes.

Interesting in this episode was (beside the shown incompetence) that Wuss-kun now even has an official fan-club with cheerleaders.

Give me a W, give me a ....

And he cries again in this episode, this time touched by the shown support of his classmates.

Cheerleaders are the best!

Beside, the way he speaks somehow reminds me a lot of Lala Gonzalez (School Rumble). Well, they are both foreigners.
Poor Maki seems to fall more and more for him. He on his part can’t even remember her name and always addresses her as “Miss Karin-san’s friend”, much to her distress.


Foul #1

... little ...

Foul #2

... Maki-chan.

Foul #3

Running gag of the simple kind, but I like it. Oh, and I love how carefree Maki is in tense situations.

Yahuu possessed Karin-chan and Kenta-kun!

Episode 9 is all about Karins little gothic sister Anju.

Anju ~Batgirl~ Maaka

Karin and Anju are very close but because of Karins relationship to Kenta and since Anju slowly becomes a grown up vampire (whereby her time awake more and more shifts in the night time) they both slowly grow apart. In some flashbacks we are shown how their relationship was in the past and how Karin protected Anju against a hellbeast of a puppy.

I hope that is at least a Carrot +2 Karin's fighting with

Sadly, even the two of them didn’t stand a chance against this tiny dog, but somehow Karin managed to scare it away. At the end of the episode Anju comes to the conclusion that it is okay for her if Karin finds her happiness with Kenta (or maybe it isn’t?). Furthermore Kentas mother feeds Anjus familiar, calling it “Side Dish”,

Hang in there!

Kenta tells Karin that he thinks that she will become a great mother someday,


(leads me to the question if a human and a vampire can have children together? And are these children vampires or normal humans? And what happens when the vampire is a anti-vampire like Karin?) with Karin imagining her white wedding

It's a nice day to start again/It's a nice day for a white wedding/It's a nice day to start again.

and another “Loneliness of Tokidou Maki” scene is shown.


Well, episode 10 starts with one of the worst things that can happen in school life: The returning of the written tests.


As can be seen W-mans test results are bad and Karins aren’t better either. She blames this on the distraction caused by Kenta and W lately. None the less Kenta has a result of 89%.


Because Karin has less than 40% she has to retake the test. If she fails this time again her teacher will make a house visit. That is of course a big no-no and so she begins learning with Kenta. After a little odyssey they finally end up in the public library (with some unknown woman buying herself a cold and yummy Karin Cola).

Come to the Karin side of life

This whole process is (amateurish) observed by Karins father strongly worried about her purity. Some flashbacks show how he rescued Karin one time out of an ambulance, he is a caring father at least. At the same time some information about Kentas father is revealed. His mother told Kenta that his dad died when he was a little boy, but he thinks that they were left just by him at that time and hates him therefore. His mother only tried to lessen the pain by saying that he is dead. If he is right is not discovered (yet), however in the end he joins his mother for the commemoration at the anniversary of his fathers death.
The episode finishes with Karin passing the test.


Okay, two “reveal of the past” – episodes accomplished. The next episode is titled “It’s summer! It’s the pool! It’s so embarrassing!”. Nothing can go wrong I think.

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