Ah! My Goddess 2nd Season

September 3, 2006

Couldn’t get around this one. I liked the first season and I like this one, too. You can’t really expect any real surprise or drama out of it, but it offers cuteness and reliable entertainment with some random silliness (Skuld calling her chainsaw “Murder-kun” and using it that way & episode 12, 17:57 just to name two). It’s one of the longest running love stories there are and now it is even featuring Belldandy playing the most evil music instrument in the world.

O Flower of Scotland

But the second time the bagpipe is played sounds very neat. But still this is much too… uhm… scottish for a goddess.


  1. But Belldandy is my fav and she looks cute to mee even playing the bagpipes (^^) Love the intro

  2. true, belldandy is great, but i have heard the goddesses truly belong to norse mythology. Skuld represents the past, Belldandy the present and Urd the future. There’s no reference they are sisters, but the director just made up that lol
    It’s a great anime, some drama sometimes, and some cute scenes too ^.^ I hope there can be even a third season hehe XD

  3. That’s right, their original names are Urðr (Urd) for the past, Verðandandi (Verdandi) for the present and Skuld for the future. They are spinning the threads of fate beneath the great ash tree Yggdrasil. And yes, I hope for a third season, too. *g*

  4. Third season will defenitly happen, Just a matter of time… The mangas are still being made so the anime can’t be done it just would not make any sense ^_^; Lets hope they start up the next season soon.

  5. Yep, no worries on my side.

  6. really enjoyed the series and the way they integrated the norse mythology. i really expect to see a third season as we see that theri relationship hasnt seriously developed and there wasnt a full stop ending to think it was finished. so lets hope it comes out soon.

  7. Well, the manga has 30+ volumes with lesser relationship developedment than the second season had. So there is more than enough material for lots of seasons to follow I think.

  8. It all just depends on how the japanese like it I guess. That’s the only reason they’d make a third season if it’s popular in Japan.

  9. Of course, they will only put money in this if they get more money out of it, that’s how it works. But the manga is pretty popular in Japan as far as I know, so the anime might had a lot of viewers, too.

  10. quisiera saber si ya esseguro ke va a salir lasegunda secion de ah megamisama XD soy de MEXICO OTAKU PLIZ IS MY FAVORYTE ANIME JAJAJAJAxd

  11. i hate it when i watch an anime series that is good just stops just like dearS which i am rather interested in it gets me down ya know theres only 2 episodes of season 3 in this series too oh why cant they just make some more

  12. Too Scottish? Are you kidding? The whole series is based on Norse mythology, it’s about time they put more of it in the series. I think it was great that they incorporated the Scottish background in Belldandy’s character. Saying that her playing the bagpipes is “too Scottish” is like saying that Baset playing an Egyptian instrument is “too Egyptian”.

  13. A home land would be proud

  14. I find that comment about “the most evil musical instrument in the world” a tad offensive; I love the sound of the instrument, and I’m from Scotland. Now, the part about too scottish for a goddess, well here’s something for you: Skuld, Urd and Belldandy all have links to, and bases on Irish/scottish pre-Christian Celtic mythology. Norse mythology also plays an even bigger part, forming the bases of the characters themselves, an there are hints of other European, historical beliefs, countries from which at that point also had traditional instrument using several reeds, supplied by a constant stream of air from a sack.

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