Karin 01-07

August 28, 2006

Chibi Vampire Karin

Don’t panic! Maybe it looks like it, but this girl wasn’t harmed in any way. Its just some nosebleed, really! She is a vampire and can handle this (more or less). Her name is Karin and she is the heroine of “Karin”. I know, I know, this series is not one of the newest there are, but I often watch series that might have slipped me at the time they where aired or I haven’t found any time to watch them in the past. Well, “Karin” is one of these and the episodes I watched so far were pretty entertaining.

Okay, I lied. Karin is no vampire. She is an anti-vampire you could say. She doesn’t sucks blood, but produces it. That is nothing special you might say, everybody does that. But Karin produces lots of blood and her whole family consist of real vampires. She is something like a mutant (but a very cute one).

Awwww..., little Karins first fang

She still needs to bite people, but by doing so she injects them her surplus blood. If she doesn’t do this regularly this blood comes shooting out of her noise in one burst when her blood pressure gets too high. This is very embarrassing to her (fully understandable I think). Beside this she is like a normal human girl. She can walk in the sun, she likes garlic and she can touch a cross without getting harmed (Well, except walking in the sun the other vampires in her family can do the same, these other weaknesses of vampires are just a myth). Each vampire has a affection to a special kind of humans. Karin seems to be affected to unhappy people. Each time she encounters one of them her urge to bite them rises together with her blood pressure. Actually this is a good thing for the ones bitten because through the injected blood they feel much better afterwards. However Karin always tries to suppress her instincts.

Just a random picture

One day a new student, Kenta Usui, comes to her class. This fellow has a strangely piercing glaze and raises Karins blood pressure in an instant. Unsure what to do she tries to evade him as much as possible.

Somehow creepy

Kenta however gets curious because of her behavior and tries to speak to her. After lots of chasing he can finally corner Karin. All this time her blood pressure got higher and higher and so it happens what has had to happen.

A burst of ... petals???

Kenta is shocked but thinks that it is just a strong nosebleed.

I don't think that normal people could survive this

After Karin took his promise that he won’t tell anyone about this she faints. Kenta cleans the mess and carries her home.

Clean up after the bloodbath

In the time after this event Karin learns about her affection for unhappy people, bites Kentas mom and comes to the decision that she can solve the problem with Kenta through “making him happy”. Before anyone jumps to conclusions: She also learns that “Happiness is a Lunch Box.”, so no getting laid (yet). Kenta on the other hand learns that Karin and her family are vampires, but they live without killing anybody, so it is somehow okay with him. Maki, Karins closest friend, suspects even more by the behavior of those two.

I don't think I can trust a winking green-haired girl anymore

Slowly Karin and Kenta get along when suddenly W-Man, the perfectly normal yet strangly attractive foreigner from the neighborhood, appears!

Bow down to Womanizerman!

He brings two problems. Problem 1: He thinks that Karin is the perfect woman and that they are fated to be together. He even dreamed about her before (I like the classic music played in the background each time he tries to hit on Karin).

Those girls don't seem to like this

Problem 2: He is a vampire hunter (Oh, the “W” seems to stand for “Winner”, his name, but I think I won’t accept this).

I am agent Mulder from the FBI

Karin thought till now that vampire hunters were only a myth, told by vampire moms as good (bad?) night stories.

I really love this part!

But now she must see that these “monsters” are real.

The H stands for Haruhi

This all isn’t good for her blood pressure and soon it’s a hide’n’run again. Somehow Kenta and Wierdman end up duelling. (boys…) At first Double Ya seems to prevail


but in the end it’s a draw.


The final end of the duel is made by Karin through bursting out some (nose)blood. The big W can’t stand the sign of blood and faints.

Why petals?

Karin and Kenta leave the scene while Maki watches over sleeping beauty. Shortly after waking up again Wussman begins to cries like a girl


what attracts Maki who was rather unaffected by Ws “charm” till now. (girls…)

What a man!

Well, that’s the story so far. Oh, by the way, Wunderboy can speak in kanji:







  1. Do they have this dubbed in english?

  2. Well, it will be. The first DVD should be released on May 15, 2007. It will be called “Karin 1: Infusion”.

  3. sweet i can’t wait till it hits shelves in louisiana.

  4. Ohhh that is good i wish i could see more!

  5. Hello, this is a good Anime!!

  6. oh god that blonde guy looks like the main host club guy so it’s messing with my brain xD

  7. Aww I’ve never seen this anime before. But now I really want to watch it! >.

  8. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

  9. sta muy wena…
    agregen a mi msn

  10. karison is so cutie

  11. I read part of the manga but the name of it was “Chibi Vampire” I will probably read the rest later or buy it.^-^

  12. Well, don’t know about the manga, but the anime was fun.

  13. Wow ive also never seen this anime before but like hellsing and hare-guu i want to see it now reguarly!

  14. Well, have fun.

  15. WOW this looks lyk a rlly good Anime i would rlly want to watch this. Um were are sum place were i coudl see this?

  16. I think it’s already licensed in English, so you will have to buy the DVDs.

  17. it’s very good “karin”!it’s great!

  18. I watched the whole of the series, Its really cool!

    Its so awesome what Winner-kun did at the end. :]
    And what happened to his father..

  19. http://www.keitup.tk

    lo mejor ke existe
    no se arrepentiran

  20. I agree with alot of people here. I am not usually into anime except for Inyuyasha. Where and when is this on?!?

  21. that is so true!i should know!;)

  22. I’ve seen Karin and it is very good, consistently good story and entertaining. Like a good book I couldn’t put it down, and all I have say is it was better than Haruhi Sazumiya.

  23. i love chibi vampire !!!!!!!!

  24. Does anyone know if there will be a second season of the Karin series? I would love it so much!

  25. Haven’t heard of a second season and I think it’s rather unlikely, the end was pretty solid. Don’t know about the manga though.

  26. Can’t wait till it comes out!

  27. wow anime is awsome by any chance will any copies will be shiped into england.
    it’s a very interesting story !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. There are english dubs in existence, but I don’t know if they are available in england, too.

  29. sweet cant wait to get it

  30. i want the dvd! lol pwease i’m gonna get it off ebay! my little sis thinks i look & act like karin & my name is karin! lol

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